Taking it slow at first.
Many of the people I talked to that have severe health opportunities say they do 10 to 15 minute sessions but no more than twice a week because their body can't process all the toxins coming out of the fat stores.

The higher fluence saunas that have shorter sessions or the saunas that they go in that can be 30 minutes, it depends on the amount of far infrared and how close the heaters are to the body. 15 minuets in a low fluence sauna is not the same is a high fluence sauna. The best way to see is by getting a big spoon and scrape off the sweat and putting it in a clear glass jar. Shining a laser or just looking through it to see if the color is milky will tell me right away.

I am very careful when people want the fastest way to detox. I know that some saunas can detox me faster than others but depending on the body ecology of the person, some saunas can mobilize too many toxins than a body can handle. All the heavy medals and pesticies from all the fruits starting in 3's and 4's are in that fat too. (Any fruit at the grocery store that starts with a 9 means its organic.

Each brand of sauna and not just that, the amount of heaters and how close they are can determine the dosage. A one person sauna where the heaters are closer together that has less far infrared can give more fluence than a larger sauna where one wall further away.

The thing on dosages is important to me only if the sauna heaters have over 90% far infrared output. The ones that are around 20%, its not as high of a concern to me as the person is gonna get out when they feel they are ready. Usually, its after the session, maybe hours later, when the mercury or whatever toxins come out of the fat and traveled somewhere else in the body because it wasn't eliminated. This stuff really happens from what I hear from people if not done just right.
​There are very few people that know how to do the sauna right and have experience with it with patients. Manufactures that I have asked have not helped me in determining this nor were able to answer any questions on this.

What Is Wrong staying Too long in an infrared sauna? Can a Hospital Grade Infrared Sauna be Actually Bad For Your Body? (Specifically Therasauna and Clearlight. These have a very high FIR isolate and people are buying these without knowledge). I hear many stories of people buying these 2 brands and liquifying fat and what happens if not removed). 

I want you to envision yourself standing outside on the beach in Florida in the middle of July. As you visualize yourself standing there in the high heat, imagine how it makes you feel. Imagine the sun on your skin with no sunscreen, now imagine your body's temperature rising. Now imagine 10 minutes passing, now 30 minutes, an now an hour. Your clothes are probably drenching in sweat, you probably feel all your energy drained and want to lay down and are dehydrated. The heat and far infrared has just zapped your body of energy. I get asked all the time which sauna is the best. I want to share this information so people don't buy the wrong type of sauna.

Most saunas will raise the core body temperature to 103°F. Certain brands will reach that level quickly and some are more gentle.

The trend now is Yoga Saunas where they are big enough to stretch in, not just sit. I do NOT recommend doing what most people do in these which is stretching. The FIR makes the muscles stretch more. The joints become more flexible. Because of this sudden flexibility, especially the tier 1 saunas that give off a higher percentage of far infrared, the high blood flow to the joints stops the signal that the body has reached its SAFE Stopping point. People then feel more flexible than they really are. They stretch past the safe zone and end up tearing their ligaments past the point where it can support the joint. Its like rolling your ankle and not feeling the pain. Since people don't feel the pain it can be just as bad as twisting an ankle and not feeling it till after the session.

Saunas that produce a higher Isolate Far Infrared-
The saunas that have the highest far infrared heat mostly people from the inside. The really cheap saunas usually heat more on the outside. I follow a slower sweat protocol. The saunas that make people sweat like a pig is just making people sweat 99% water. The other 1 percent is salts, ammonias and urea.

Notice: THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER FROM MY SITE: Our sweat is not made up of all these toxins from our body, and believing that sweating in a sauna can cleanse the body is a myth. We cannot sweat toxins out of our body. The toxins such as mercury, and almost all the heavy metals, drug residues are eliminated by the liver, intestines and kidneys. Almost all toxins are elimination from the kidneys and liver. Doing a 60 minute sauna session and sweating to death isn't really releasing toxins like people think when they are in there thinking they are doing something great for the body, just dehydrating themselves and losing water weight.

Final note: I do not recommend people getting a sauna to go in and sweat. I use the sauna to ONLY raise my core temperature 3 degrees. Once this is done, I get out. Removing all the toxins from the liquified fat is more important at this time. Once the fat is liquified, whats the purpose of keeping the core at 3 degrees higher for an extra 30 minutes if not taking gonna remove the waste. There are certain situations where people need to kill off something but most people trying to detox. I do not sit in the sauna for long times unless it's at a low heat setting where I am barely sweating. I want to heat my core as slowly as possible for detox, not go in and see how much I can sweat in as little time. I will say there are people who have limited time that need to turn it up high to get the core up to 3 degrees higher and then turn on the sauna on low but most saunas don't put out much FIR on the low settings. I strongly recommend getting a type of sauna based on how you want to use the sauna. There are different types of heaters and intensities for this reason. One person might love a Clearlight sauna while the other person who tried both would take the Therasauna over the Clearlight any day, and vice versa.

With a hospital grade sauna, the amount of fat that is liquified can be more than the bile in the liver can emulsify. Many people are not doing any type of lymphatic exercise after the sauna session so it really doesn't matter. All this waste needs to be released as well as removed. Even the best sauna out there with the highest FIR percentage won't help if it is liquifying the fat and the lymph vessels are not picking it up and dumping it into the liver.

So, before getting a really high end sauna, I would make sure that my body can handle the waste removal. If just sitting in the sauna and not doing any lymphatic drainage afterwards, like I said, it doesn't matter. This is why most of the more expensive saunas aren't really any more detoxing than the really cheap saunas because people aren't taking this second step.

When choosing a sauna their are 2 main extremes. Most of the saunas people get heat the body on the surface with very little far infrared. This is great for making people sweat like a pig. The other type heats your from the inside and you don't feel so hot on the skin. This type heats you up much more quickly and the session times are almost cut in half. This is when both types are turned up high. When turned on the lowest setting, the carbon types as wells as the pure ceramic types can work but the ceramic goes deeper but the carbon has a higher coverage. You can't put more ceramic heaters in a sauna as you need space to move around. A burnt red back is not fun.

If getting the type of sauna that has a high far infrared output, these take longer on the low settings. I only recommend my tier 1 saunas for those that are doing lymphatic exercise afterwards. The tier 3 saunas make mostly just water based sweat and do not liquify the fat like the tier 1 saunas. Many people want the intense heat to burn calories and get their heart rate up but don't want to sacrifice the far infrared output. The full spectrum saunas are what I use when I want both spectrums at the same time. The Clearlight full spectrums are the most intense. But if someone can handle something super intense the Therasauna is a better option for those that want something therapeutic. It is not necessary to spend that much on a Therasauna unless specifically buying for detox. The value of that sauna is on the low low settings.

I strongly recommend taking the sauna quiz and I will pick one type over the other based on your answers.

Update: I have been using the Saunacore sauna (11 heater model) for some time now. Although this is a medical sauna that is strictly made for lipolysis (rays that can go deep into the subcutaneous fat), this has the quickest session times. It heats my core even faster than a Therasauna that gets even hotter. The Healthmate sauna which goes to the highest temperature (around 170 degrees) heats my core the slowest but I do sweat more as it has the highet near an mid infrared out of any sauna that I tested). Not everyone has a lot of subcutaneous fat or is trying to detox heavy metals or molds out of their fat so I don't recommend a Saunacore for everyone. The Saunacore can be used as an everyday sauna too but I don't see the need to pay nearly 3 times the price of the next best sauna if deep lipolysis is not needed.
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