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...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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Below are my 3 top selling saunas sold for Detox and Full Spectrum emissions:
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Our Strongest FIR emmissive sauna

Therasage Tent - The most intense tent sauna - highest FIR emmissive carbon heaters we tested.
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This is our most popular barrel sauna from Canada.
About 50% of the people choose the wood burning stove option and the other 50% choose the electric heater (there are several different electrical heaters to choose from). Some people like to constantly splash water on the heaters and want the rocks to heat up quicker.

I urge people to only use Cedar for using it outdoors (not the Poplar wood option).

This barrel come in a 6 foot and 8 foot length. The 6 foot model is what most small families use. Also, if using it outside, it is not necessary but the exterior canopy should help preserve the wood for a much longer time. It is much easier to heat up the barrel type compared to the square type (it usually takes about a 30% shorter time to heat it up comparing it to the square type).

If getting the high wattage heater with the barrel type that gets super hot, I urge people to use Ewot so they can stay in longer and not have to let the heat out to get the 02 stat back up to 98/99%

This comes in a 7by5 foot and a 6x6foot. This is our most popular outdoor traditional sauna. If getting a really high wattage heater, the 2nd tier can get super hot so those that want a more milder sauna may want to get a lower wattage heater. 

Most people that get this sauna get the 6000 watt SE sauna heater. The controllers with the sauna are very accurate. I always ask people what is the maximum temperature people want to get their sauna temperature up to. 

Also, a 12v dc marine grade fan can be hung near the ceiling to lower the latent heat index and raise the heat co-efficient throughout the sauna. This is probably the biggest game changer in a traditional sauna experience.

Most people that get the Country Living sauna get the wood burning heater. I have not met one person that said the electric type is better than the wood burning saunas.
If interested in this sauna, I usually have 2 to 3 of these already built so it doesn't take so long to get them out. Call me if you are interested in an outdoor sauna. I offer really good prices on the Country Living and barrel saunas by Saunacore. 
I have reviewed nearly all the different barrel saunas (most are advertised on the first page of google)

The biggest problem is that most people get the wrong size heater. Below are the different heaters I sell. Some are good and have no issues over time and some are cheaper but have more maintenance costs.

Some of the differences are heat up times. Some brands are known to heat up quicker but their elements need to get replaced more often. Some are more sophisticated with an air convection type heat instead of just heat going upwards on its on.

Note: I prefer high end incoloy heaters, not the coper or stainless type that some of the Chinese import brands have. Some brands get too hot and don't cut if off and it can get uncomfortable in some saunas. I hear many complaints but most complaints are about warranty issues, not really the sauna itself that people picked since most people like their saunas no matter what brand it is.

I like the types that have the deepest rocks. (I always add infused rocks and infrared material on top so that if I am sitting near the heater I get the extra far infrared rays.

​Note: some brands are naturally going to break down quicker than others. I prefer the brands that have silver solder heating elements. It is also nice to have an auto steam vaporizer unless someone wants to do it manually. I like the dry steam similar to a sweat lodge. If the vaporizer is more continuous the steam will be dryer and more consistent than pouring a bunch of water creating a wet muggy steam that doesn't feel good.

I also prefer wall mounted heaters. It is hard to clean around the floor type and it can get pretty nasty. 

Notice: for those that don't know which one to get, I can help choose which heater brand is right for your sauna size. Some can hold up to 280 pounds of stones. Some only carry less than 75 pounds. Getting the right wattage is also something people don't always get right. The largest we carry is 21000 Watts - 600 Volts.

Note: I do not sell any of the cheap brands that are not certified to UL and CE standards. Many of the saunas come with ventilation. I prefer my boost oxygen bottle (I get them wholesale) and if someone has an extra space for an oxygen concentrator, a hose can be hooked up so it can deliver fresh 95% oxygen to the sauna.

Note: It is not enough to open the door of the sauna to get fresh air in. In a traditional sauna the hotter air has less oxygen than the outside air. Some people add ventilators and some people use oxygen (Ewot). Once the person is combusting the oxygen that is usually a game changer and people don't go back after doing ewot.
Outdoor Saunas - Traditional and Barrel Saunas
These are the top heaters I sell above. Some options are rock types and 6 gallon water tanks to keep the steam room hot and steamy. Also, wood burning heaters are best not used indoors.
Other Barrel Saunas we have reviewed:

Redwood Outdoors
Almost Heaven

These are the 3 other brands I can get through my partner's connections. I personally like the above heaters the best (see the ones in the pictures above). If you want any of these brands contact me. I will help you get the best discounts we are offering. Note: we are not allowed to advertise prices under minimum advertise price. Please call me for the discount pricing we offer.

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