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Some people actually need more near and medium infrared as they are very hydro phobic. The hydrophilic people usually prefer a sauna that has a lower temperature. As the temperature of the infrared sauna gets hotter, the heaters usually produce less of the far infrared. I always want to know the maximum temperature the saunas go at which lets me know.

About half the people I talk to want a sauna that will make them sweat more. Some of the saunas raise the body core temperature only 2 degrees and some can actually raise it 3 degrees. The ones that raise it higher have more near and mid infrared. A lot of people with inflammation prefer the models that get the body core temperature higher than the ones that stay cooler. They best way to tell if you are going to want a sauna with more near and medium infrared is to know if you want a sauna that will get hotter up to 140 degrees or you want to sit in a sauna that is still warm but around 110 degrees. The sweat process and timing of sessions is much quicker in a more full spectrum sauna with higher intensities of all 3 wavelengths.

If doing back to back sessions and doing it the slow way, most people prefer a high fluence sauna that has higher levels of medium and near. The process can take longer with lower fluence heaters that don't heat the sauna up as much

The saunas that have more of the medium and near infrared must have larger heaters so the heaters can make the sauna heat up more but from larger fluence and larger heaters, not smaller heaters that get too hot and just create more near and medium infrared but only produce a little of the far infrared.

I promote this type of sauna for people that need a full spectrum sauna. Some people are so hydrophilic that they can get away with a sauna that doesn't get too hot. I will say that the people that are detoxing, and doing lymphatic exercise, and doing the back to back sessions, will want a sauna that is has a wider spectrum especially when cooled off and going back in each time. The sessions go faster this way. But for someone who is just going to sit there and do not dry skin brushing, is not going to take probiotics or any other protocols, a lower temperature, longer session where the body gives a slow sweat with less water based sweat is better.

Doing a series of back to back sessions in a high fluence full spectrum sauna is what most of the colon hydrotherapists and health practitioners have told me based on their experience with infrared saunas.

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