I got tired of everyone trying to discount off of inflated prices. I know what a cheap sauna feels like that is marked up to an inflated price to make me think its an expensive sauna. I sat in them. I sat in the carbon saunas, rod, and even combo saunas. The dual back to back heater saunas too. Even the jade saunas.

Just give me the best price up front. I refuse when I call up to buy a sauna when one day they quote me this price and I call up another day and another sales person gives a different price. I have been studying the prices when there are holiday sales and know all the prices each sauna that I promote sells for at demo prices at shows. I will not put up with any people trying to sell like a used car salesman? Why? Because the people that work with me that help me run my site are my friends. And I've known them for a long time.

I hate negotiating. I buy almost everything when people take best offers on Ebay and 99% of the time, in this economy, people accept any offer over their cost.

​I get volume discounts from many infrared sauna manufacturers. I will give discounts based on the volume discount that I get. I pass it along. I will have a store shortly. Until then, I will simply give a coupon code to the companies that I am working with. 

I will email you a coupon code based on the quote you need. Please enter your zip code as shipping across the country will cost you more. If buying through a health practitioner, let me know that too. I will do everything I am able to do to get you a lower price sauna on the sauna of your choice.

Please take my sauna quiz if you don't know which one you want yet.
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If you have any advice to share about my site or can tell me something that I need to know that can help my website, please tell me.
Which model?
What is your zip code?
Are you a health professional or will it be shipped to a health clinic?
If so, a and resellers license and tax ID is required to get the professionals price.
Tell me about what you do (this will determine the pricing tier I put you in.
I get the highest, it is based on the type of clinic. I do not charge people different prices unless someone is put in a wholesale tier. I do not charge one person one price and another a different price. Manufacturers, just like they gave me, they will also give you the same price I get based on your volume.
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