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Alright it’s time to throw off the gloves here and get serious about the science the most expensive sauna we have reviewed.

The Therasauna makes the heaviest (almost 500 lbs for their 2 person sauna) and is the only medical grade sauna on the market.
Their heaters are the solid ceramic type and have the most coverage of all ceramic saunas. Their heaters have the widest isolate spectrum of far infrared with Vital Sauna being the 2nd.

The owner of Therasauna, Larry, who many people probably have seen at the home shows, will tell you he has the best sauna but like everyone, everyone says they have the best sauna. Well, before I call it a scam and expose them, I had to do research and find out the science behind their heaters. I had to do a little algebra and go behind the scenes to figure out their technology.

The single most important feature of this brand of sauna is their power control system on the unit that allows me to regulate the electricity running from the wall and going to the heaters so I can control the micron output of the infrared emitters.

Their sauna is the only sauna I know of that lets me control how much far infrared therapy I need. Not the other way around. The only way to really control infrared like that is by controlling the electricity and yet no other company does this except Therasauna, which one one has copied due to their patent  but this pisses  me off that they have a patent  on their heater and won't let others use it to better the sauna industry. I won't even go there. I find it odd that no other company cares or whatever the reason is. Everyone copied the EMF free heaters but they won't copy theirs. Probably because it costs so much or they can't figure out how to copy it without being sued.

With all the endless debating about “my heaters are better than your heaters” that make companies sound like parrots sitting in the peanut gallery after a while, Therasauna is the only one who has stepped out of that mess and trumped them all by going back to the power source literally and controlling the emitters from there. What they can do reminds me of my fascination with dimmer switches when I was kid and essentially it’s a similar premise with their saunas. This patent thing really bothers me. (I don’t know how patent law works) and I know they don’t sell or license this tech to anyone else and were first to market with it so maybe they just beat everyone else to the punch so to say.

All these companies that talk about their heating emitters are basing their claims around two electrical engineering formulas that manufacturers of those panels use to determine the FAR infrared light wave produced from a heat source (emitter,heater). What heat source? The emitter is either made out of plastic, acrylic, steel rod, or ceramic. If you want to see a cool graph go here:

Did that graph look familiar? The journey up the micron peak? Yea that’s the same 9.4 micron magical measurement graph that you commonly see on a company’s website usually on the page where they are talking about how special their emitters are. Do you want to know the scam? Call me up and buy a sauna and then I’ll tell you the answer. Just kidding. The scam is that next time you see one of those graphs see if you can find any measurement on the X or Y axis showing how the micron peak and temperature progresses over TIME.  For all I know according to these company’s emitter claims I may have to sit in their sauna for 57 years before I reach that 9.4 range.

So, the other scam I should be aware of? ALL EMITTERS WILL REACH 9.4 MICRONS AT SOME POINT IN TIME. And here’s the BUTT. BUT all emitters (except Therasauna’s) will blow past that 9.4micron point within a few seconds of being turned on and settle at a lower micron range because the emitter gets hotter than the room temperature. Wait what?! Let me clarify that a bit.

Somewhere around the temperature of the human body(98.7 degrees or a 100 degrees etc.) we emit infrared in 9.4 micron range so ALL EMITTERS start out around there in those first couple minutes as the person flips the switch to turn on the sauna. So now you have an emitter producing great therapeutic infrared, congratulations company X!!  But wait! What’s this? It’s now 5-10 minutes later and my emitter is 160-180 degrees (solo mono duo carbon or whatever the buzz word is) or 200-400 degrees (ceramics)…I’m no genius but that sure seems hotter than the human body..So how in the hell is it possible for that emitter to produce infrared around the 9.4 micron range for the duration of the sauna session I’m doing. The truth is that it is not possible, the customer only gets the 9.4 range for a brief few moments of that session as the emitter heats up to whatever it was designed to heat up to. Remember that graph? It rises to that peak very quickly then settles back down somewhere else…Next time I talk to a sales person at company X I will ask them what the actual temperature of their emitters get to after I turn them on and do a 15-30 minute session. They will tell me and then I'll think hmmm that sure seems hotter than 98.6 degrees.


It’s like plugging in a light bulb that was built to go up to 100Watts. You plug it in and it goes from 1watt-100watts in a few seconds and presto you have light! Where does the power and heat of that bulb stay at? Usually around whatever it was designed to produce like 100Watts. ON AND OFF AND ONE AND OFF. 1’s called a freakin light switch. This same electrical principal is at work for every other sauna company and their emitters I turn the sauna on or off then get in or out. The emitters draw electricity and ramp up in temperature just like the light bulb does but just a lot slower.

Remember the dimmer switch? Well, Therasauna has something a little more advanced than that. There is a chip that actually monitors the air temperature in the sauna, the temperature of the ceramic emitter and adjusts power going to the emitter depending on the different temperature zones fluctuating on the emitter..sometimes a part of the panel is 200 degrees and another part 100 degrees maybe another region is 120 etc. and as the different regions fluctuate the chip will control the amount of power going to the emitter to keep the average temp of it in the range that produces consistent 9.4 range so a little bit higher than 9.4 and a little bit below and sometimes spot on. It is still monitoring also what is needed to keep the room temperature the thermostat is set at. That’s a lot to monitor and control but that’s what is needed if a therapeutic grade infrared sauna is needed the whole time someone sits in their and sweat their ass off.

Hold on I have to blow of a little more steam here for a second cause it pissed me off when companies try to confuse and take advantage of consumers.

I was recently looking at a well known sauna company’s website on the page where they are talking about a certain heater technology. Under the pretty pictures it mentioned that the emitter produces a range between 4-20 and that 9.4 is achieved at its lowest temperature.  Uhhhhh. After all my education above do you understand what they are saying now? Let me translate that into Iactuallycaretoeducatemycustomers language. “Yes with our technology we will produce micron range from 4-20 but we can’t actually tell you what range you’ll be experiencing most of the time while you’re in the middle of a session. Also, if you want that really therapeutic 9.4 range, that will be achievable for sure at the lowest temperature, which occurs a couple minutes after you turn it on and a couple right before the emitter settles back to room temperature and when you have already left the sauna most likely. Think about it, who actually sits in the sauna and waits for it to cool back down to near the temperature it was when it was immediately first turned on.

Wow thanks company X. So everybody read to buy now!!? I hear there’s a special. They make a special attempt to mislead everyone.

Why the obsession over 9.4 microns people ask? In case someone doesn't know yet, this infrared wavelength is ideal because the energy is able to penetrate up to one and half to two inches beneath the skin. There is resonates (vibrates) and breaks up the water fat molecules thereby releasing all the toxins that your body stores away along with getting it out of the muscles and joints (25 years of clinical data on this). I found myself drinking a lot more water and running to the bathroom a lot more frequently when I did a few sessions in a Therasauna. My stool smells literally like horse shit all over the streets on 5th avenue in New york city.

I also know my body really well and I always perform the Time 2 Sweat Challenge, which is basically bringing in a stop watch to see how fast I will break a sweat if I set a sauna at 120 then step in it. On testing days for the various brands I always make sure to drink the same amount of water that morning and eat the same foods to keep some control and consistency with results. I noticed I broke a sweat on average 5-7 minutes sooner with this brand. I also evaluate the quality/type of the sweat when it first appears. I can easily tell a difference when the sweat is oiler vs. more water based by bringing in a brown paper towel and once I see the sweat on my arms and chest I wipe myself down immediately. I then let the paper towel dry and when out of the sauna hold it up to a fluorescent light and look to see if I see any oil residues. I was blown away with how saturated with oil my sweat was from the Therasauna sessions. I’m going to have to make a special page on this website to upload the pictures. I developed this trick from all those calorie watching friends who like to blot their pizza with napkins here in NYC to get all the oil released from the cheese.

Somedays I want real high fluence and maybe a hotter sauna temp and some days less just depends so controlling the emitters is important. Also for those out there with an overburden of toxins, CFS, fibromyalgia, or any major immune challenges sometimes people don’t want a super hot or high fluence sauna and it can in fact be unhealthy. Being able to control the infrared output as people heal themselves and grow over years can be a really awesome function to have.

Sure Therasauna uses ¾ inch boards for their Grade A wood which is the thickest out of any brand (their smallest sauna ways close to 400 pounds!) so if someone is really into having a the most sturdy built sauna this is it. I think their bench even weighs like 60 pounds so if someone doesn't want to deal with that annoying creaking of wood years down the road or they are a really heavy person they might want to think about sturdier construction with this.
As far as wood types all I can say is that Aspen according to the official Wood Industry Reports is the least irritating and non toxic to the human immune system. So other companies can make claims about why they used another wood type but honestly I’m more interested in third party independent information sources like the Wood Industry Reports which has no affiliation with the sauna industry. I’m guessing Cedar has always been popular more for aesthetic reasons and also some people like the smell of it.

What else can I say, you get what you pay for with this brand and they set the bar for everyone else in the industry. 
This sauna is overkill for most people but for those that want it or have a certain need for this type of sauna it can be just what someone is looking for. This sauna is a good choice for those who are highly chemically sensitive.
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My sauna quiz questions are designed to help you pick out the sauna based on the answers you choose. My goal is to pick out a sauna I think you would like best as if you had the chance to try each and every sauna before you bought. There is no hidden agenda built into the questions. It is only based on the answers you select.

I am in contact with many of the sauna manufactures in the USA and Canada and will recommend a sauna brand and also tell you why I recommended that one based on your answers. Feel free to take the quiz twice if 2 or more people will be using it. I will contact you back personally and give you the results from your quiz.
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Do you wear deodorant to suppress sweat?
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Do you have chronic pain that restricts you in any way?
Do you get bitten a lot from mosquitos in the summer heat?
Are you going in the sauna sedentary or after exercising?
Do you have a lot of fat under your skin?
What color is your urine?
Where do you sweat the most during working out?
Do you sweat heavily during normal exercise?
Sweat times- Do you get long dampening before you sweat or do you just start sweating?
How is the air circulation in your house?
Is the sauna the only thing you are using?
How long or short do you want your sessions?
What is the main reason you want an infrared sauna?
What type of sauna are you comparing?
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This is a review of the Therasauna Infrared Sauna.
Therasauna Review Part 2
​Stinky Therasauna - 9.4 micron isolation mode - Warning
I strongly recommend keeping the door open with an air purifier next to the door. Those that have smoked cigarettes (and other things) for years can off gas horrible odors from all the years of nicotine and tar that can leach into the wood of the sauna. For those that are using the sauna after you it can sometimes cause an allergic reaction. This goes for people that are very toxic also. I only recommend this at first.

​New - Therasauna with Hemlock with no bells and whistles. Far infrared isolate mode only

The New Therasauna Classic stays at 9.4 micron and has the least medium and near infrared for those that want to detox without burning so many calories. 

Pros and cons
This type of heater goes deeper (2 inches into the body). But the body gets hotter quicker in those spots. You have to keep moving so you don't get too hot on your back or side.
The heat is less intense at first on the skin but after a while you notice it once halfway through the session. In a Vital Sauna, the opposite extreme, you start noticing it right away from its high fluence.

I promote the Thersauna classic as detox sauna only. It does not have the wave mode that generates a more full spectrum heat. Its actually just the opposite of a full spectrum sauna. The feel of the Therasauna heaters which the only heaters of its kind. (The closest in the way it feels is a Heavenly heat sauna or a High Tech sauna.
It feels nothing like a Vital sauna. The heaters give a totally different sensation. The water molecules in the body where the toxins are vibrate and I people say they get a tingly feeling while detoxing. There are cautions as this type of sauna since it only goes at 100% mode and no wave mode, it can release more toxins than most people can handle at once so a normal session in a different sauna might be triple as intense in a Therasauna. I strongly recommend doing some lymphatic exercise and taking a good probiotic, a very aggressive one if going through full Therasauna sessions.

The Classic series since it runs at 100% and all the bells and whistles are missing, just the wood and heaters and a cheap control panel, this is the only way they can make the sauna affordable. Until now, they did not have this option. I guess they got tired of losing sales to people that couldn't afford 4 grand for their Aspen wood saunas and they now make Hemlock saunas with the same exact heaters as their top of the line saunas, just a different wood and stripped down.

The Therasauna Classic 1 person model puts more fluence than the 2 person model and I find I start sweating quicker compared to the 2 person Therasauna Classic at the same temperature. The heaters are closer together. For the 2 person model, even though it has 10 heaters instead of 6, the fluence is spread out between 2 people and the heaters aren't as saturated.

I don't particularly like the cheapness of the way it snaps together unlike their aspen wood series. The best way to put it is to say it is like a cheap Chinese import sauna but taking out the carbon heaters which they usually have and replacing them with high end heaters. There are many people that get a Vital sauna, buy a hemlock Therasauna and trash the wood and rig the therasauna heaters inside their Vital. There's some crazy things people do to pimp out their sauna. Its expensive to buy a full spectrum sauna where the fluence is super high and putting heaters that put out just the isolate far infrared. Not everyone wants a lot of heat all the time and some people want to just detox, bring their laptop in there and work without burning 600 calories. Those with severe health issues who are going in twice a day don't always want to sweat like a pig every time either. Far infrared is not a hot heat, the heat that comes off the heaters is only a byproduct and just the heat is not what vibrates the cells. Although sweating helps rid the toxins. Most people detox at the lower temperatures after lymphatic exercise which can quickly mobilize tons of toxins and free them up.

Although the classic series is not the most desired type or luxurious, for those wanting to detox who want a cheaper wood and a no bells and whistle sauna this is probably the best choice. If someone wants luxury, this is not the sauna. The aspen series is but they cost about 1200 more at the least for just the one person. Honestly, I'd rather see someone buy a Biomat and rig 6 of their heaters over and around the Biomat than get something thats not gonna work.

The heat in the actual room temperature of the sauna is constant the whole time so in the Therasauna you don't notice it getting cooler and then the heat clicks on and the room temperature is warmer. Although you have to move around a few times (or more) that can be a issue to some people as well. But if someone wants to detox with far infrared isolate its something you just have to deal with. The heaters in the Therasauna heat up to maximum capacity in about 6 minutes. If the sauna is set to 120 degrees, it won't go to 125 or around 120, its at 120. The thermostat is super accurate.

​The Therasauna works at the coolest temperature of all the saunas I have tested. Its hard to imagine unless someone experiences it but it can induce a sweat even quicker at lower temperatures than other infrared saunas when they are at higher temperatures.

After the session, many people get upset with they have a headache that won't go away. It can linger for hours after the sauna. These toxins are not being sweated out and this nausea or headache feeling people get is most often relieved by drinking a lot of "mineral" water. I would always go in a sauna for 15 to 20 minutes at first and work my way up to 30 to 45 minutes.

Warning: After a 30 minute session (on isolate FIR mode) the waste that comes out of the cells can cause a healing crisis. I have to warn people as the Therasauna is what I get the most complaints on right after people buy them. I strongly recommend a green powder (the more bitter the better) not those sweat good tasting one but the ones that people say taste like dirt. A probiotic should be mandatory. I would continue the session on a Biomat and continue detoxing the whole night (without showering).

Thing to do after 2 weeks
Many people have heavy metals and a lot of toxins in their blood. I would get my blood tested before and then after to see if the sauna is actually giving you a lower heavy metal count. Taking the green super foods should also put back the nutrients in the blood when the blood is less acidic while it can actually hold the nutrients

Last words of advice about this sauna:
The Therasauna should heat people up 3 degrees higher than body temperature from the inside instead of a warmer sauna heating up the skin first. This is the main difference in the way this sauna feels. People trying to detox can stay in longer and get a longer detox session as they don't get tired from burning 600 calories sweating like a pig which is good for some but not others. Many people can't handle this much energy loss, especially twice a day. I do not promote the Therasauna as a weight loss sauna as it burns much less calories than a high fluence Vital sauna, for example.

Vital and Therasauna are available in nearly every major city in every state. I strongly recommend going to a clinic who has each one and doing your own review first. If you want me to try to find a clinic I have sold to in your area, call me and I can find out. You will definitely prefer one over the other. Many people who enjoy the high heat of a Vital really need to detox in a Therasauna and some people who want to burn calories and do things the Therasauna doesn't offer will do better with the Vital.

Contact me if you want my help.

See my offers below of the New Therasauna Classic.
Ask about any sales we are having.
We also have access to scratch and dent saunas that are brand new that may have been dinged up in shipping or refused on most of the brands on my site. If you are looking for a deeper discount, call to see what is available.
How to decide if the Classic model is right for you:
1.5% of people buying sauna are chemical sensitive. Wood, when referred to ask toxic is nothing like pesticides or artificial fertilizers added to grow the wood,
it is the Turpenes that the woods off gas when heated. The Therasauna uses all natural Hemlock that is not grown with pesticides. When the dealer refers to this wood as Toxic it is the terpenes he is referring to. There are no glues or anything else that off gasses in this sauna. Cedar wood has more terpenes and has a stronger smell than hemlock. Aspen wood on their non allergenic series is what to buy for the 1.5% that are sensitive to terpenes. 99% of the people that buy this sauna have no complaints and never want to return it. I will not sell a Cedar sauna to anyone with chemical sensitivities.
Therasauna Far Infrared Test at nearly 500 degrees
...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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Beware: As of 2017, this is the older model. The latest model has the new TheraPad.

There are many dealers selling the older model still. Any Therasauna we sell will ship directly from the manufacturer in Iowa.

If a new Therasauna doesn't come with the TheraPad it is not the latest model.

Contact me for prices on the latest Therasauna models. We promise the lowest prices on every model.

Sharon and Seth
Therasauna 5753 - 2 person Aspen Sauna

The 5753 model is our most popular Therasauna. We pre-order these so they are ready to ship. I urge people to get the unfinished wood if someone has chemical sensitivities.

Call for availability of the 5753 model and pricing. Ask for Sharon or Seth.

This is a very intense 20 amp sauna. Make sure you have a 20 amp outlet.
Heavenly Heat - HIGH TECH - Therasauna - SAUNACORE - HealthMate - Finnleo Saunas - Better Life - Vital Saunas - BIOMATS
...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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Using a sauna for Detox ONLY:
Detox saunas - You will go in an it won't be hot. So many people when trying to choose their first sauna think they are going to start sweating every day and detoxing. (In a detox sauna it is cool during the time of detox. I go in on full spectrum mode with the heaters turned up the highest and this is not true detox (the epidermis and dermis get the rays from the near and mid infrared. When the heaters are hot it produces zero far infrared because infrared is produced when the heaters are cooler. For example, a saunacore sauna has 13 heaters and they are even fan cooled to keep the the far infrared constant. I do agree that raising the core for lipolysis (subcutaneous layer) must be done before the far infrared mode. The Therasauna has a "wave" mode that goes from cool to hot many times during a session. Some people like this. Some people like to heat their core first and then turn the fan on the heaters and finish up their session with a cool down. Therasauna does it all throughout the session as all the heaters are going up and down in temperature the entire session.

Note: I only recommend Saunacore for those in serious health situations. I am not promoting this as an everyday sauna as it costs nearly 3 times as other saunas due to the double wall cooling system and their heater system. Therasauna is much more affordable. I only recommend paying extra for a medical infrared sauna when high amount of toxins in the fat (subcutaneous level) where the rays really need to travel that deep. This is strictly a lipolysis sauna.
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Our Strongest FIR emmissive sauna
Note: nearly everyone that is looking for a Therasauna which is much more expensive than all the carbon saunas and other ceramic saunas on the market, those looking for detox always seem to stumble upon Saunacore and ask me if it is better. I sell both Saunacore and Therasauna as my top detox saunas for a reason. Those that are wanting an everyday sauna usually aren't looking for a medical sauna. Saunacore is much more expensive, almost twice the prices as a Therasauna size for size. I discount both brands the best I can. With saunacore and Therasauna they are built from scratch at the time of order. If looking for a discount, make sure you buy from me when I have several saunas made or me. For Therasauna, I put my orders in twice a month. For Saunacore I put my order in the last day of the month to get the highest discount. The more they build at a time the cheaper.
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