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INFRA-CORE™ “MAX” S-DTX4 4'x4' Sauna Poplar Wood 
​11 heaters
​This is one nearly everyone buys that doesn't get the Horizon model. (I buy the most of the S-DTX4 model so I get the best price on this particular model.
lIf you don't want the freebies call for my sales price.

Buy the INFRA-CORE™ “MAX” S-DTX4 4'x4' Far Infrared Sauna
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My sauna quiz questions are designed to help you pick out the sauna based on the answers you choose. My goal is to pick out a sauna I think you would like best as if you had the chance to try each and every sauna before you bought. There is no hidden agenda built into the questions. It is only based on the answers you select.

I am in contact with many of the sauna manufactures in the USA and Canada and will recommend a sauna brand and also tell you why I recommended that one based on your answers. Feel free to take the quiz twice if 2 or more people will be using it. I will contact you back personally and give you the results from your quiz.
How many times a week do you deliberately try to sweat?
Is your sweat odorless? 
Do you wear deodorant to suppress sweat?
Do you sweat when their is no heat?
Do you have chronic pain that restricts you in any way?
Do you get bitten a lot from mosquitos in the summer heat?
Are you going in the sauna sedentary or after exercising?
Do you have a lot of fat under your skin?
What color is your urine?
Where do you sweat the most during working out?
Do you sweat heavily during normal exercise?
Sweat times- Do you get long dampening before you sweat or do you just start sweating?
How is the air circulation in your house?
Is the sauna the only thing you are using?
How long or short do you want your sessions?
What is the main reason you want an infrared sauna?
What type of sauna are you comparing?
Do you have concerns over EMF output?
Have you ever been in an infrared sauna?
How long have you been trying to compare saunas?
Do you have interest in SWAT Saunas (Sauna With Oxygen Therapy?
Which type of price range do you need to stay in?
Are you a health professional?
I usually will respond to your email within 45 minutes during my break. I will review your answers and email you back.  I will try to call people back if requested or if I need more information than the quiz to recommend the right sauna.
When do you need a sauna?
If you are someone trying to sell me something, do not contact me.
If you are sincerely looking for help choosing an infrared sauna and there is a question you have that I have not answered on my website, please ask me below and I will try to answer it. I will call you if my answer requires me calling you, I will.

I can only help you pick out a sauna based on the answers you choose. It is not my job to recommend a sauna just because its the one I use or that I like it.

What else should I know about you in order to give you the most accurate recommendation
Are you friends with my ex-partner?
Do you have ADHD like me?
Does your dog lick you?
Are you using a Biomat after your sauna session?

​What saunas feel like:
What carbon feels like
What ceramic rods feel like
What carbon/Rod Combos feel like
Get discounts for taking the quiz before you call. Please call after 15 minutes after you take the quiz. Please refer to my rules of my site on my home page before you call and I will offer my standard discounted pricing. I will not discount saunas for those that do not follow my rules. My discounts that I have the privelege to offer are only available for those that take my quiz first and call 15 minutes afterwards.
How to choose
Dont but without reading this first
Ceramic VS Carbon
The most important decision on this site.
Read Here
​Carbon Panel
Ceramic Rod

Sauna Detox: (With a high fluence sauna like the Saunacore, I strongly recommend reading this.

Many people want to sweat like a pig and raise their core temp quickly and others want to detox and do a longer and slower session.
Some saunas deliver more far infrared and can detox people quicker but if their liver is already overloaded it can be too much.
Many people drink a lot of water in the sauna but all this does is keep the body from sweating and the core temperature lower. I prefer to drink afterwards and let my body core heat up. When my body is ready to get out of the sauna it will. When the body core is higher the fat cells can vibrate and release the toxins faster. The dosages of the low temperature far infrared should be balanced with the high temperatures.

Detoxing the fat cells by sweating like a pig can mean temporary fat loss as the fat is used for energy while removing the toxins from the fat can mean more permanent fat loss. If the body can't process all these toxins they can diffuse back into the body. I strongly recommend an aggressive probiotic and liver supplement if a person is going to be doing a heavy detox.

Note: detoxing in a sauna is a 3 part problem. 1. Your liver must release enough "lipo philic" toxins into the bile. 2. Enough must trigger the bile to release so the lipo philic toxins make it to the gut. 3. The lipo philic toxins need to prevent from being reabsorbed. Most people get in the sauna and want to get out and try to get the job done as quick as possible and they never get the chance to release these toxins out of the body. They just get reabsorbed.

When these toxins don't get released and relocate in the body this is when more problems happen. Most people trying to detox in a sauna don't have a good enough elimination system to start with to do the full sessions the way how all the people with these crazy testimonials give on most manufacturer's websites. Its just a low minority of people.
Most people abandon using the infrared sauna when they don't see results and blame it on the sauna. The a good sauna usually can do the job but if the lymphatic system is too sluggish and the person is not supplementing their deficient immune system.

The people that do frequent and long sauna sessions have a small guarantee they will detox. Most people over do it when thy don't see results and usually abandon the sauna after 3 months when they don't see results. Lipo philic (fat toxins) are fat soluble, not water soluble so just sweating like a pig a bunch of water based sweat usually doesn't help those trying to detox.

Also, over detoxing in a sauna faster than the body can process the wastes can cause lipo philic toxicity. If the toxins that were in storage in the fat cells move into healthy cells, this is when there can be severe damage to the cells. (Many people go in for 2 hours twice a day thinking they can speed up their detox). The liver can only process so much a day and produce so much bile enzymes.

The best way to see if the liver is in good health is to see how quickly your skin prunes after a hot bath. The liver when toxic is deficient in sterols an the skin will be resistant to water. After taking a long hot bath, see how long it takes your fingers to prune. If your liver if healthy or toxic, it will take longer or quicker for pruning to take place. Most people prune very quickly.

I know this won't make sense to some people but eating a high hat diet is better when trying to detox the toxins out of the fat in the body. This high fat intake can dilute the lipophilic toxins that are being released so they won't get reabsorbed back into the body. Yes, you heard it right, when trying to lose weight a "CALORIE ENHANCED" DIET is what I am recommending.
These high fat meals help to release bile from the liver so the actual lipids and toxins actually get processed and eliminated. People are so stupid they go on a low fat diet. Read a high school anatomy book on the gall bladder and liver section. Bile release is immediately triggered when there are fast in the stomach. The bile releasing helps the liver to dump the toxins its holding into the gut. Also when high fat is in the body it should dilute the bile with all these toxins in the gut so it won't get reabsorbed back into the body.

Note: the more fiber eaten while on this high fat diet helps bulk the toxins so they won't get reabsorbed. The best I've found is to get psyllium fiber from the health food store. I stir it very quick so it doesn't thicken before I you drink it. Most people think they will get fat from eating a lot of fat which is true but when eating the fiber it absorbs the toxins and fats to help so it doesn't get reabsorbed into the body and moves the fat quicker out of the intestines.

If you want help choosing a detox strategy please take my sauna questionnaire at the bottom of the page.
...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

Ask for Jake

Ask for Sharon

​The heaters in the Saunacore do not have any cold spots. ​It has a contour shape, not square. Their heaters EMF on my emf meter in the seating areas was about .02 mG. This is compared to other low emf saunas that have .08 to 2 mG in the seating area. All the heaters are from Canada (nothing from China, even the controllers are made in Canada). 

The Saunacore is the only sauna that I found that has double walls. The cooling system blows outside air so they stay cool. This gives it 90% far infrared output while most that don't have this fan don't give this Isolate FIR. Therasauna is the only other one that does it. The Opticool fan system also brings in fresh air so people don't breath in too much carbon dioxide.

Note: the far infrared isolate making the sauna a low temperature session is only during the fan mode. It is harder to sweat and raise the core temperature. I use the full spectrum mode to raise my core then use the isolate mode at the end. The surface of the heaters stay low as the air from the double walls enclosure keeps them cool.
Saunacore Saunas: (I reviewed the Saunacore S-DTX4 and the Saunacore S-DTX6 and the HORIZON model.
Warning: I only promote Saunacore saunas for deep lipolysis and detoxThese are cooler saunas that have double walls with a fan to keep it even cooler. It will get hot to heat up the core but if weight loss is the main purpose there is no need to pay nearly 6 to 8 thousand dollars. A Therasage tent sauna would be just suitable. I only promote Saunacore for deep lipolysis.
Saunacore Sauna Review
So, I have finally retired my Therasauna after using it as my personal sauna for many years. (Before people think I am now promoting Saunacore over Therasauna, I am not. Not everyone has Lyme Disease or some disease where they need a medical grade sauna. The 11 heater model (which the heaters are closer to the body than their 13 heater model gives more direct rays than the further apart heaters on their bigger model. For heating deep into the body (the subcutaneous layer where the fat is, not just the skin (dermis and epidermis) that most of the carbon saunas reach. I have compared the Saunacore now that I have owned one to the Healthmate sauna, Heavenly Heat, and Hi Tech.

​This is what it feels like in a Saunacore. Picture describes it well. Once I heat my core up in the middle (non fan mode),
I sit on the left half of my session and the right for the other half. (I have a mini Biomat I sit on with a soy waterproof cover)

The Saunacore sauna does not have ceramic rods like on the Healthmate or a ceramic yellow plate like on the Therasauna. The Saunacore heater doesn't have the broad range of the Therasauna that only requires 6 heaters and the plates spread it out but the Saunacore concentrates the rays in a tighter range requiring 11 heaters. (with the heater in the seat making it 12 heaters in just a small 1-2 person sauna gives it super fluence. The heaters aren't flat like the Therasauna. They are concave so it is a more directional ray than a scatter type.
Saunacore Sauna Emf: 
The lowest carbon sauna (Jacuzzi/Clearlight) has the lowest emf in the carbon models. The Therasauna and Saunacore have the lowest EMF in the ceramic type. (The Saunacore has the lowest wattage heaters. Some companies say they use low wattage/low emf but according to my Killowatt meter, their saunas cost way more than 6 dollars per month to run. I am not sure what non real world tests they are performing but based on my tests they don't seem accurate. Saunacore is accurate based on my meter. Also the lower the wattage, the lower the magnetic fields in the sauna.

The Saunacore heaters have the lowest EMF out of any sauna, even Therasauna which is still lower than every other sauna I tested. The Saunacore heaters in all their models have nichrome wires going over the heater surface that change direction many times that cancel nearly all the EMF. Also their heaters are used with surgical steel. Nothing imported from overseas. 304 grade steel is the steel they use. They even have nails made of surgical steel.
Many companies used galvanized nails for rust resistance. The surgical steel nails in the Saunacore are shiny naturally and do not rust naturally. No buckles or fasteners that break over the years. Once the Saunacore is put together it is put together for life unless someone takes the nails out. These type of nails (304 steel) gives the least room for the sauna to wiggle and move around when someone heavy goes into it. (I have an Angel juicer that has surgical steel blades. It makes the best juice I have ever juiced. It works better than even my older Norwalk. I do have a new juicer that is even better than the Angel now if anyone is serious into juicing I can share. I don't sell their juicer but they don't advertise and don't really like me referring everyone to just ask them questions. I got this juicer really cheap from a start up juice bar that didn't make it. 
For those with chemical sensitivities or do not even want water based glues, ask for the Horizon series. This is the model that only uses surgical steel nails and not 99% pure like the ones that use glues. It's the only one on the market that has no off gassing. (Heavenly Heat is also 100% pure like the Horizon and comes in at my #2 sauna and is a "more affordable" sauna for those that can't afford a Horizon model. Also, don't go by the retail prices or manufacturer's MSRP prices. I discount all the saunas I carry. Unlike some of the carbon saunas, concave ceramic when used with low voltage like the Therasauna and cooled with a fan with low voltage like the Saunacore should penetrate the rays 1 1/2 inches into the subcutaneous fat for lipolysis. Not just the dermis and epidermis like the ones that go half has deep.

​Note: Infra Floor system (Note: this does not come with any of their saunas. For those that want far infrared for their feet I will sell this upgrade at my cost with the sauna.

I am now used to the open base on some of their saunas doesn't have a wooden floor. If you look closely you can see the tiles in the room where the sauna is. The sweat drips down through this removable wooden board. Some of their models have a floor heater. Those in really cold rooms will appreciate this. Also, for those using their sauna not at room temperature rooms, this is one of the few saunas that has an air circulator built in.

NOTE: Saunacore 11+ heater models require a 20 amp. (and nothing should be plugged into that. Only the sauna. 2600 watts is what their 13 heater model pulls. Most saunas in the $2000 dollar price range usually pull no more than 900 to 1000 watts for the entire sauna.

​As far as the woods used in their saunas, I prefer poplar even over Aspen but most people get the Cedar wood as it's more affordable. Those concerned with any off gassing should not use the Cedar.

Note: many people don't know the differences between ceramic rod heaters, ceramic plates like on the Therasauna, and the Infra core heater on the Saunacore. Best way to explain it is a wide projection area but with the most concentrated infrared centered. I have their heaters and each one comes with a plug. I have about 8 of them that I circulate. I can ship a Therasauna heater and a Infracore heater. If spending this much money on a sauna, it is hard to just buy something just based on faith. (best is if you call me and I see if there is a place in your area where you can try out a Saunacore for free. Anywhere there is a Saunacore there is usually a Therasauna and other brands at competing clinics.

​Both the Therasauna and Saunacore give that isolate FIR emitting around 9.3 microns. This is only when running cool. Cheap saunas have no where near this 9.3 and just reflect the heat.

​Note: I only recommend using a sauna for detox when the sauna room is cool. When the heaters get hot they lose their far infrared and then it becomes like a traditional sauna. The Saunacore and Therasauna are the only 2 saunas that operate at low wattage without cutting on and off. Their heaters stay on the entire time and the body is soaking up the rays, not just sweating in a hot 170 degree room from ceramic rods that only produce near and medium infrared. I always deactivate the inwall fan system until my rectal thermometer reads 3 degrees higher than my going in temperature. I stay in the isolate mode until I completely stop sweating.

So, there is a switch that can deactivate the fan. For those that want to feel a lot of heat and raise their core temperature, once the fan is off the mid and near infrared kick in and heat up my core. With the fan mode, the sauna is not so hot. I always use it without the fan first, heat my core up 3 degrees, then put it on detox mode and get the "isolate far infrared" without all the heat. With this much concentrated FIR it would probably take 3 sessions that I can do in only 1 session in a Saunacore. If lipolysis is the main concern, this is my top pick over Therasauna.

So, if strictly for detox the Saunacore fan cooled session beats the Therasauna that I have used for many years hands down. The Therasauna has a thermostat so if someone wants that "isolate" far infrared spectrum it puts less wattage to the heater. They have a patented thermostat that senses the heaters while Saunacore has a fan system and it radiates about 3 times as much far infrared that can be felt within a second of getting in it.

The feeling is so concentrated with the fan and the 1292˚F heaters. It feel nothing like any other infrared sauna I have been in.
This is the "Medical Seat". I miss this seat when I go in other saunas to test them. I use my Biomat Mini mat when a sauna doesn't have a built in medical seat. They didn't have this seat in 1983 when the company started. Saunacore is one of the pioneer companies that started right after Healthmate and Therasauna back in the 80s.
For those that are not looking for deep tissue lipolysis, I recommend the other saunas I carry. For weightloss, those that are using it for pain relief, general health, this brand is fine but lipolysis of the fat with this type of intensity is not needed. I only promote this as a detox sauna. Better put, those in dire health situations or those that were recommended to get a sauna from a doctor are the people that usually get the maximum benefit from a Saunacore infrared sauna.

For those looking for further discounts, I urge customers to make friends with a chiro or some health professional that can buy this under their reseller license. I have a discounted tier pricing for this.
INFRA-CORE™ “MAX” S-DTX6 4'x6' Sauna Poplar Wood 
13 heaters

​This is one nearly everyone buys that doesn't get the Horizon model. (I buy the most of the S-DTX6 model so I get the best price on this particular model.
lIf you don't want the freebies call for my sales price.

Buy the INFRA-CORE™ “MAX” S-DTX6 4'x6' Far Infrared Sauna
Get the following freebies
1 FREE Vibration machine or
1 FREE Oxygen Concentrator with Ewot bag and mask
1 FREE bottle of Probiotics or green super foods
1 FREE 1 hour consultation on detox  Red Zero Point Laser
​1 FREE Bottle of Green Superfoods $50 value

​My freebies I give out are totally complimentary with this Infrared sauna purchase on the link below. Many are donated and subsidized in hopes you will like their products or review these items for our site.
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Offer good to the lower 48 states only.
Mention code DetoxOffer when you call for offer
Saunacore HORIZON 4X4' Sauna Poplar Wood - 7 heaters

​I also carry the 4x5 model that has 9 heaters but for a deeper detox I prefer the smaller as the heaters are closer to the body when sitting in the middle. It also doesn't require 20 amps like the larger model.
lIf you don't want the freebies call for my sales price.

Buy the Saunacore HORIZON 4X4'Far Infrared Sauna
Get the following freebies
1 FREE Vibration machine or
1 FREE Oxygen Concentrator with Ewot bag and mask
1 FREE bottle of Probiotics or green super foods
1 FREE 1 hour consultation on detox 
​1 FREE Bottle of Green Superfoods $50 value

​My freebies I give out are totally complimentary with this Infrared sauna purchase on the link below. Many are donated and subsidized in hopes you will like their products or review these items for our site.
Not good with any other offer.

Offer good to the lower 48 states only.
Mention code DetoxOffer when you call for offer
Sauna Pricing: Saunacore, Therasauna, Vital, Healthmate, Jacuzzi, Heavenly Heat do not let us advertise prices under their retail price. All discounts must be done privately and we are allowed to throw in freebies and only discount at our agreed discounted price. I have a set discounted price and I throw in all the freebies to offset the price. They don't have a problem if I throw in stuff. They don't want anyone undercutting them. I will always be cheaper than the manufacturer's price or any price the manufacturer will give. Feel free to confirm I am an authorized dealer before you call. I don't mind. I can have all orders go directly through the manufacturer.
This is a heater in the Therasauna. There are no cold spots in the Saunacore. When using the Saunacore without the fan, it is hard for most people to get through a session that burns 600 calories without using an oxygen concentrator and mask.
Heavenly Heat - HIGH TECH - Therasauna - SAUNACORE - HealthMate - Finnleo Saunas - Better Life - Vital Saunas - BIOMATS
...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

Ask for Sharon

Ask for Jake
How to Choose a Ceramic Sauna 
Between Healthmate - Therasauna - Saunacore - Heavenly Heat
(I have also reviewed several others including High Tech Health and Sauna Ray)

The ceramic saunas that get really hot and heat the room are usually heaters higher than 150 watts. Most people don't know they are gettinga 200 watt or 300 watt heater that has less infrared but heats up the room more. Healthmate is a great sauna but it can get up to 170 degrees. Those that are looking for heat and higher wattage heaters are not the type of customers that call me looking for detox from heaters that the lower wattage which give the longer wavelengths. I like Therasauna because they have higher wattage heaters for when someone wants it intense but the MPS controller can control the wattage going to the heater. The saunas I don't like just turn on and off and keep the heat stable but this is not the same thing as using an MPS controller. MPS controllers make a sauna really expensive. Saunacore doesn't use an MPS controller but they have fans in a dual wall sauna that keeps the surface of their heaters cooler.

Remember, the purpose is not to heat up the room but the flesh of the person. The room doesn't need to get hot unless someone just wants to get rid 
of a lot of water weight which is not detox. The best ceramic sauna set up gets the body warm but the air in the sauna doesn't get hot.

The best ceramic saunas will have the heaters concentrate on under the head to the butt, not the legs unless there is a reason someone needs infrared on their legs. The cooler the temperature of the heater the more likely it should cleanse the organs inside out. It will take longer to heat the person's core temperature if the temperature is lower. The saunacore controller can be set from 5 degrees to 190 degrees for their heaters.

I urge people to look into my top 2 ceramic saunas Therasauna and Saunacore. Saunacore is about twice the price of a Therasauna
but I only recommend that brand for those in the most dire situations. I will try to keep the price as close as I can to a Therasauna but if someone really needs a medical grade sauna then Saunacore is my recommendation but for an everyday sauna then Therasauna is better. These do not get as hot as a Healthmate sauna but if weightless is the main priority then Healthmate is my most intense infrared sauna but not so much on the FIR side. Heavenly Heat is good but if someone is mainly concerned with the purest woods and no glues at all then that is a good option. As far as heating systems, I like the Saunacore and T/herasauna better.
Please call me and talk to me about your needs. I will tell you the brand I recommend and why.

We have now compared the Saunacore Horizon Econo sauna to the Therasauna 5753. 

This sauna is now our highest ranked detox sauna we have compared to the Therasauna. This sauna is probably 3 times as intense as the Therasauna 5753 we compared it to. The heaters are made in Germany and are much different than the ceramic heaters I have tried.

Note: this is strictly a detox sauna only. No sauna does as heavy lipolysis of the subcutaneous fat like this one does. I strongly urge people who buy this sauna to have a rebounder or vibration machine to use afterwards to "remove" the fat soluble fat that was "released".

Update: for anyone that wants to experience one of their heaters, ask me for a sample heater. I can loan you one of their heaters and you can send it to the next person once you experience it. Most people buy their sauna after I ship them a single heater to experience.