For super toxic people, most of the toxins in the body are stored in the fat and once they are released it can either be good and released properly or depending on the lymphatic system get released back into the body although most is released by the skin in the sauna. The natural homeostasis that the body tries to hold on to fat to hold the toxins so the toxins don't spread to the organs and damage the body, the body will try to hold the fat while the sauna will help force the body to dissolve the fat. If the body is trying to hold the fat, the protocols that let the body know its ok to release the fat is what can help someone lose weight.

Stimulating the lymphatic system before a sauna session starts the pumping of the lymphatic system that pulls out the toxins out of the fat. Many people go in the infrared sauna and expect to have the sauna do everything for them as ifs a one protocol fits all.

Fat is only water soluble so it can metabolize when the temperature of the fat is at 110 degrees or more. (or the fat cells can shrink making a person look thinner when the fat cells don't have to swell up with fat in order to hold the toxins and heavy metals and acids in the body. Most people don't know that the fat is a good thing as it holds all this waste in the body. People who think they can go in the infrared sauna for 20 minutes and gonna melt fat away don't get it. The toxins leach out of the fat cells. The fat doesn't melt. As the fat cells hold less toxins they shrink.

​There are many sweat protocols for weight loss and if done right, a person can get the results they want as far as losing pounds of fat in the sauna. Many people that get obsessed about losing weight once they get their sauna tend to over do it (see my page on Signs for Overdoing sauna sessions). Many people call me up and say that they have been using their sauna for almost 6 months and have gotten no results. Of course they haven't. They are doing it totally wrong.

Different people require different protocols and prep for losing weight. Depending on how much weight someone is trying to lose and how long that weight has been on (how much toxins the weight is holding) will let me know what protocols and which order to take them in.

See Signs of Overdoing Sessions
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...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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