Most often people are trying to detox in a hurry and want to see results fast. But more often none of the people trying to get results either know what to do. They go in the infrared sauna, do a long session, stay in till they feel they need to get out and just sweated a lot of water. Meanwhile, their lymphatic system is bunk and even more often they are using a low fluence sauna.

Detoxing the slow way with slightly longer sessions back to back and doing the recommended protocols for the health opportunity someone is having, can be more beneficial. Some people are doing a heavy detox and some just want to use the sauna to maintain their health.

With every session, even if not detoxing or sick, dry skin brushing enhances the session more than any other protocol I have found. The harder the brush the better. I think its stupid to not do any type of lymphatic stimulation while in the sauna. No one even thinks to do this if its not mentioned. Its more important to do this before the session although doing it the session can be beneficial too. I always brush toward the heart. Most of the lymphatic vessels are in the legs so I focus mostly on the legs. When I use my brush, even when I was in the gym sauna back in the day, I sat on my towel and brushed the whole time. All everyone heard is a brushing noise. I am sure it was very annoying to people trying to relax. People stared at me even though I was naked. Yes, butt naked on my towel brushing a way. Several times people complained to the manager and said what I was doing was not sanitary and asked me to stop. There is a sign for no shaving in the sauna. Where does it say I can't dry skin brush. Idiots.

For those needing a heavy detox...
The people that are the most toxic usually get the best results if they do a slower detox with lower heat levels at first. The high end saunas with the most far infrared output and highest fluence are good but should be turned down low. The lower fluence saunas can still be good but many people get the initial results from these but plateau as the fluence has less pulling power. This is why many of the portable sauna tents work at first but I usually like those for a light detox. They are the least fluent.

Temporary discomfort (especially for those with low energy getting out of the sauna)
Drinking heavy doses of alkalizing green super foods such as barley grass and chlorella can help. Lifepak nano vitamins are the vitamins I would recommend. Ebay is the cheapest place to get them. A probiotic that is very aggressive with L. plantarum, not just acidophilus, although very expensive can help the best. I like Masterblend by I have been using that for 5 years.

Detox & Water
Over drinking water can take the benefits out of having a warm core while in the sauna. Many people try to drink more on purpose thinking they are flushing the body out more. I have found it is more important to replace alkaline salts and minerals and electrolytes. Google alkaline salt and you can find many different brands. I use a brine free alkaline salt that has been washed for 3 years. Its expensive salt. About 150 bucks for 8 ounces. 

Their are many popular detox combinations involving the sauna that I have found. I have asked for 2nd, 3rd, and probably 50 different 2nd opinions and most of the combinations are usually about the same after talking to colon hydrotherapists, holistic nutritionists, etc. 

I will say that the places that sell saunas always gave me information that led me to buy their products on the shelf (often Standard Process) while the health professionals that did not sell saunas more often came up with detox combinations with a sauna that involved things that they did not sell, such as magnesium oil which is very cheap (Whole Foods sells it), zeolites, and epson salt baths and gentle dry skin brushing. 

Many people get dried out hair from the oils coming out. Biotin was another popular recommendation. Vitamineral green was the most popular recommendation. Whole foods also sells Vitamineralgreen.

The best supplement I have found to work of all the different things to take is the brine free salt. I don't use the packets as buy the salt in 8 ounce jars. It comes in a 8 ounce mason jar and costs about 140 dollars. A jar lasts me at least 6 months. Along with the toxins leaching out of the body, I replace my salts as a lot of salt in the body is lost during intense sweat sessions.

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How to optimize the sauna detox experience: 
As people stir up toxins in the cells their bodies will have to find some way to release them. Besides a small amount releasing through the skin and sweat the rest goes into the lymphatic system then into the elimination organs. As the cells open up to release old toxins that have been carried around for years, if its not properly eliminated, they could be displaced elsewhere in the body. It can be quite dangerous for example the body might have safely quarantined some mercury or cadmium in fat cells in the arm only to have them released in the infrared and then re-deposited in the brain tissue. 

Most people are in a hydrophobic state when they call me. I feel it is my job to bring them or at least educate enough on how to go back to the hydrophilic state.
Many people are juicing and don't have the fiber to flush the waste out of the digestive tract. Its sticky and gooey and didn't come out of the sweat. The liver also dumps bile after cleaning out the blood and lymph. A binding agent like a zeolite and edible clays can help. I aways take them about 30 minutes before the session to make sure my small intestine is ready to receive all of the toxic bile that the liver will dump there. It can help soak up all the toxins and then safely carry it the rest of the way out of the digestive tract and colon so that the toxins do not get reabsorbed again which would just overburden the liver and kidneys and lead to further immune system stress and decline. 

In between the 10 minute sauna sessions or during the sessions I make sure to do any sort of thing that is good for lymphatic stimulation, usually dry skin brushing, yoga, Kriya yoga breathing, even jumping jacks or jump rope. I never go in my sauna without my oxygen concentrator.
Compare the TOP brands of Infrared Saunas 
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Korean Sauna Dome - Most popular sauna on our site for detox and weight loss and deep penetration.
Advice for buying the dome. Sessions can be 20 to 30 minutes and sessions can also be 1 hour to 2 hours.
Warning: many people buy the Sauna Dome and get ZERO results. Here is why.
The core body temp can raise 3 degrees if the setting is on high very quickly and the heart starts beating fast and you sweated lots of sweat or the session can be one or 2 hours on level 1 to 3 where the far infrared wavelength is the longest but the heat level is tolerable for about 2 hours till most people wanna get out. This allows the body to slowly absorb the longest wavelength of far infrared. Every increase in power (it goes to level 9), the more hotter it gets but the less far infrared the heaters emit.

The heaters in the dome don't have to get as hot as the wooden ones to give the same type of far infrared. The heaters can still be set on medium and because the heater are so close and the fluence is from head to toe and a heating pad below.

The body when the setting is on low after a little over an hour can sweat just as much as jacking the temperature up to level 9 until the body is ready to get the heck out too soon. Many people turn it on high and don't listen and don't get the detox that they want. A test is to sweat on level 9 until your heart starts beating fast and you cant wait to get out and another day sweat on level 2 or 3 and take the same towel and smell it days later. One will smell like amonnia while the other doesn't have the wastes but just mainly water and salt.

Best detox tip: This is what works for most people and what I do every day. I turn it up to its highest level 9. I stay in until I start sweating and then turn it to low and stay in for about an hour. I take off my oxygen concentrator once I turn it low as I am not burning as much oxygen on low. I always do about 15 minutes of lymphatic exercise before going in the sauna. Because of my schedule I usually end up doing this before bedtime. About twice a week I end up falling asleep if I do a 2 hour session and I feel amazing when I get out. Totally energized like I had the best nap of my life.
I take NADH which is one of the best supplements I've taken. This stuff replenishes all the ATP in the body. I suggest everyone get on it that needs energy. Get the sublingual kind and crush it up between my teeth and push it up beneath the bottom lip and gum line and let it absorb there for about 30 minutes till its gone.

Anyway, back to the sauna, the Dome Sauna is my most recommended detox sauna.Call me for my discount price. BEWARE that there is the older version many dealers are selling before they came out with the Ultra low Emf new model.

There is enough room to dry skin brush and to get the legs just push the dome forward and do a little dry skin brushing. Many people are lazy but once you get in the habit you get used to it. 

This is the only sauna I give a free 30 day trial on. I always have someone who will buy a used one. Half the people like the wooden sauna and half the dome. You don't know till you try it. 100% and no restocking fees.

I buy the domes in bulk and stock them in California, Georgia, NYC, NJ, Colorado, Florida, and Utah. I do give health professionals prices for those that qualify on all my saunas I promote. Call me for these prices.
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Low EMF Saunas
JADE Saunas
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What carbon feels like
What ceramic rods feel like
What carbon/Rod Combos feel like
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How to choose
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Ceramic VS Carbon
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65 hours in a sauna:
Listen to this person talk about staying in an infrared sauna for 65 hours in one session.
...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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Below are my 3 top selling saunas sold for Detox and Full Spectrum emissions:
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Our Strongest FIR emmissive sauna

Therasage Tent - The most intense tent sauna - highest FIR emmissive carbon heaters we tested.
Note: Buying an infrared sauna for Detox -
For detox, most infrared saunas don't run under 120 and only run above 140 to 170 degrees. For detox, a sauna must be able to run at full spectrum to raise my body core temperature 3 degrees. It must have a way to cool the heaters with a constant thermostat or a fan driven cooling system. (only dual wall saunas have these). In detox mode, I am not sweating like a pig and the air in the sauna is not warm. The cooler the heaters are the more concentrated the isolate far infrared. So many people go in their sauna daily and think they are getting this. The most concentrated far infrared saunas are ceramic. Therasauna and Saunacore for heavy detox are the most intense. Carbon saunas should detox just the dermis and epidermis but not go deeper into the subcutaneous like the ceramic. Jacuzzi sauna is the only exception.
Using a sauna for Detox ONLY:
Detox saunas - You will go in an it won't be hot. So many people when trying to choose their first sauna think they are going to start sweating every day and detoxing. (In a detox sauna it is cool during the time of detox. I go in on full spectrum mode with the heaters turned up the highest and this is not true detox (the epidermis and dermis get the rays from the near and mid infrared. When the heaters are hot it produces zero far infrared because infrared is produced when the heaters are cooler. For example, a saunacore sauna has 13 heaters and they are even fan cooled to keep the the far infrared constant. I do agree that raising the core for lipolysis (subcutaneous layer) must be done before the far infrared mode. The Therasauna has a "wave" mode that goes from cool to hot many times during a session. Some people like this. Some people like to heat their core first and then turn the fan on the heaters and finish up their session with a cool down. Therasauna does it all throughout the session as all the heaters are going up and down in temperature the entire session.

Note: I only recommend Saunacore for those in serious health situations. I am not promoting this as an everyday sauna as it costs nearly 3 times as other saunas due to the double wall cooling system and their heater system. Therasauna is much more affordable. I only recommend paying extra for a medical infrared sauna when high amount of toxins in the fat (subcutaneous level) where the rays really need to travel that deep. This is strictly a lipolysis sauna.
Note: nearly everyone that is looking for a Therasauna which is much more expensive than all the carbon saunas and other ceramic saunas on the market, those looking for detox always seem to stumble upon Saunacore and ask me if it is better. I sell both Saunacore and Therasauna as my top detox saunas for a reason. Those that are wanting an everyday sauna usually aren't looking for a medical sauna. Saunacore is much more expensive, almost twice the prices as a Therasauna size for size. I discount both brands the best I can. With saunacore and Therasauna they are built from scratch at the time of order. If looking for a discount, make sure you buy from me when I have several saunas made or me. For Therasauna, I put my orders in twice a month. For Saunacore I put my order in the last day of the month to get the highest discount. The more they build at a time the cheaper.
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