Just before the session:
I never eat right away or drink. I want to keep my body like a furnace and don't want to bloat my body to keep it cool. I don't want to use my energy in the sauna digesting foods but use that energy so my body voltage doesn't go down. Before the session I always do at least 5 minutes of lymphatic exercise.

Lymphatic exercise before sweating: By dilating the blood vessels before sweating makes the biggest difference in the session than anything else. When the body is heated and the blood vessels are dilated, the session can be much more effective. Its like not warming up before doing a weight lifting workout.

During the session: I always stretch and dry skin brush. I put on some inspiring music also but not headphones as they get sweaty.

Factor in the size of the sauna. Smaller saunas with higher numbers can have higher fluence to the body than larger saunas with over all higher fluence.

During session:
When drinking hot tea, its best to drink in over the 20 minute session instead of all at once to keep the body core hot. Peppermint tea is my favorite to drink in the sauna. For detox, I like the tea from theteaoflife.com the best. I see this company at almost every health expo I go to.
Freebies: Bottle of Premier Research Vitamin B $80 value (I can get anything from this company, I am throwing in a free sample bottle with any sauna). See my store page. I try to offset the cost of a sauna with as many freebies as I am able to throw in. The high end saunas are super expensive and I am not allowed to discount certain brands but its up to me if I want to throw in whatever I can afford to.

After the session:
Most relaxing Protocol: Immediately laying down on a warmed up Biomat ( I know people that sell them who usually discount them at the trade shows I go to). Make sure you put several towels on it. I put wee wee pads for my dog as that doesn't let sweat travel though and a just get in my Pratesi robe. ( I get 40% to 60% off from my favorite store in NY and I can share my discount. I go there all the time as many people want to get my dealer discount) ( Plus, I know people, wink wink :)

Also, After the session,
When the body is still sweating for 15 to 20 minutes after the session, I have found it helpful to do some type of movement. This cool down period is the perfect time for me to use my chi machine. Sun ancon now has a super quiet one that is their current one. Its the Model SDM-888 Model SDM-888. I bought about 12 of these from someone at the Naval expo in NY. I will share my discount if anyone wants one. Depending on how much time I have, after a 20 minute chi machine session, I will go back into the sauna for a 2nd session. I notice very toxic people get a lot more clearer sweat in the glass cup during a second session. Giving my body a time to pump out more lymphatic wastes on the machine and then going in the sauna again is much better than a single super long session. A dual session is much more effective for me than a one longer session. Sometimes I do 3 back to back sessions if I need a more serious detox.

Note: If using a sauna for detox, I always heat my core up without fan mode in my sauna. Once my core is heated up 3 degrees on my rectal thermometer, I turn the fan on the heaters to get only a single emission isolate far infrared. When the room is cool, the heaters aren't heating the room. The rays are heating the body instead. I can touch the heaters and it feels cool to the touch compared to the setting when they get over 500 degrees.

Note: If you dry skin brushed, you can always dry skin brush again in the shower but a good soap that has apricot kernels ground up in it helps my skin also. Any health food store has it.
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...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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