The Elders of the Sauna Industry vs. The Newcomers
When choosing the right sauna brand it’s important to know the integrity of the company. Have they had complaints, BBB, returns, what is their service like, warranty, etc. Some companies literally built the industry and over the years put their profit into building better saunas and developing many of the features we see standard today. For example in the last few years as consumers became more concerned with the negative health consequences of EMF (harmful electromagnetic frequencies given off by electrical devices) and the EMF that was high in saunas in general, some companies took note and put their money into trying to engineer safer lower EMF products. Not all companies followed along as it was more costly to produce safer fact while most brands today are pretty low EMF compared to older generation saunas, one can still find some brands that are selling the older generation models but consumers do not realize this. That is why we take a gauss meter to every sauna we review and check for ourselves. Some companies say they have no EMF but we have found that in some parts of the sauna it can still be quite high. What is trendy now is to say that a brands heater/emitters are low EMF or EMF free…and while improved technology may deliver this feature, what we have found is that higher EMF can still be found elsewhere in the sauna walls depending on how it is wired. 
There are some newer companies and brands on the market and many times we get asked about what we think about them. If they are that new then we can’t really know the integrity of the company. The only thing we ascertain is the quality of the product itself…but only to a certain extent. Will their product have issues a few years down the road? Only time will tell. But what about the ahmaaAAAAzing warranty they try to sell me on? Question…is it a DEALER warranty or a MANUFACTURERS warranty. There is a big difference. And if the dealer has only been in business a couple years and they are giving me some 10 year or lifetime warranty or whatever how could they stand behind such a thing if they have been in business less time than the warranty they claim. 

​Based on my research, the pioneers that Ive found that have the best feedback are Heavenly heat (known for their 100% toxin free saunas and filters and fans and so), Therasauna (pioneer of rod type saunas), Vital saunas (known for their Japanese heaters), I am still trying to find out where they get their heaters out of), Vital (they were one ofthe pioneers thats started the whole EMF free heater awareness and created the first set up to transmute emf. Aqualine at this time is a newcomer but they appear to be a solid company. Their sauna is not bad either. They are popular more in other countries now in the US.

So thats my Pioneers vs. Newcomers.

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