The vital sauna is the most affordable high end sauna sauna to make it to our site. This is a Japanese type heater that has a different feel than most of the saunas out there. Without going in the Vital Sauna if someone wants to know what it feels like, it is probably the most opposite feel of a combo sauna. The fluence is much lower but for detox if someone doesn't need a sauna that works quick or the person doesn't mind spending a longer time in the sauna to get the same results, the Vital Sauna is great. The Far infrared feeling is, that feel good heat, is much higher than any sauna in the 1895 dollar price range for its 2 person sauna.

The wood quality is good. It's not built like a Therasauna and weighs much less but it definitely weighs more than most of the cheaper saunas in its price range. The best thing about the Vital Sauna is its heaters. The control panel is about average but the wood is average to good but if getting a detox and you are going to put towels on the seat, then the wood should stay good and not warp.

The Vital Sauna is well worth the price and they don't charge shipping. There are not many dealers for the Vital sauna due to it's low price and low profit margins. We did not want to sell a cheap sauna with a high markup. I can see why they have very few dealers. If I had to rate this sauna by price I would say the quality of it resembles a 2500 dollar sauna more than a 1800 dollar sauna.

This is the best value sauna we promote for someone that usually can only afford one of the lower priced saunas. We do have specials from time to time. We will be putting all of our orders in every Friday so we get a volume discount. If you are interested in this sauna, call us for our current price. Our prices change based on our volume. If you don't want the EMF pendants and many of the freebies we throw in with our sauna we can do a little better. The 2 person sauna is the one we get the volume discount. The one person is not as popular. Call me any time to find out our price. I pass along my saving to you. Not add to my profit. I hope this is not too confusing.

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...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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