Carbon Panel Emitters- What to really expect:
Easy to recognize as most of the walls are covered with black paneling. 
Wherever I sit on the bench, my back, legs, and butt are going to be right up close to an emitter. 
Because the panels typically receive very low wattage they are very low in EMF
Nice and warming without dripping heavily in sweat. I can easily read my favorite novel or fitness magazine. Make love without feeling gross or do yoga movements without feeling the need to pass out during Down Dog when all the blood rushes to my head. 
No cold spots found anywhere I move in the sauna.

Large surface area of paneling means that the limited electrical supply from my outlet is spread over a lot of heaters so each panel does not receive an adequate amount of power to put out larger fluence levels of infrared and get the panel hot enough. 
Fluence of infrared is dispersed indiscriminately and radiates all over the sauna in areas where my body is not instead of being highly focused in a more concentrated fashion on my body.
Is not able to get hot enough if I am looking to sweat more profusely.
Produces infrared in range of 4-6 microns (mid range) vs. Far spectrum in the 9.4 micron range ideal for deep tissue penetration and raising body core temperature more quickly.
VERY LOW fluence levels coming from paneling on the front side of the cabin next to the door. Why this is important: The backside and front side are the main surface area of the body and also where vital organs are most exposed to infrared.
Some people feel uncomfortable when they learn what the carbon panels are actually constructed of (materials used) One major name brand of sauna likes to refer to their panels as “a unique proprietary blend of minerals and materials” uh huh…Anytime I see proprietary it either means A. the company is trying to protect their unique design to remain competitively unique from others brands to me. B. They don’t want their consumers actually knowing what is in the product they are buying. So when I see “proprietary” it doesn’t always imply a negative intention by the company but sometimes there is a deceptive motive in using such a word to legally conceal something that a consumer may have an issue with. FYI: Years ago in the sauna industry companies were so proud about explaining the specs on what their carbon panel were made of…what changed? If I get called and someone gives me the secret sauna site password I might tell this industry secret.

How to prove beyond a doubt what is the infrared wavelength and level of fluence output of a particular brand’s heating emitter.
All these companies would rather talk about how fancy and great their emitter is so that I don’t ask the obvious question…”Can you prove your emitters do what you claim?” The answer is a resounding YES! 
Show me the money!! No not really..more like “Can you please send me your manufacturer’s specification analysis for the infrared heater type you are using? I would like it to show your system’s infrared micron range output.” Yea ok that’s a mouthful, but technically that is the secret phrase to find out the truth about what I might be buying and what to expect. What can be expected as a response? 90% of the time…”Oh uhhh yea…noo, I mean we could see if..sure thing.” Or something similar to that. If they say sure thing most likely they will not email me anything. Or they will just go around the question with multiple strategies to get me off the topic and assure me of how awesome their sauna is. “Did we mention the air ionizer and magazine rack?” There are a couple brands who will be more than happy to show their manufacturer specs because they are totally confidant in their patented system that delivers the goods! 
I’m not saying other systems are bad but one has to wonder why they will not show proof of their claims when it comes to infrared micron production. After all….are we not getting into an infrared sauna to reap the benefits of infrared rays!!? “Did we tell you about the air ionizer yet?”


Range: 4-6 microns
Low Fluence

Ceramic Rods (ceramic fused onto some kind of metal)
Range: 4-8 (midrange)
High Fluence

Pure Ceramic
Range: 3-10
Highest Fluence

Popular Patented Proprietary Purple Potent Hybrids I majored in marketing
Range: Claim 7-10micron
Medium Fluence

Remember if anyone sees a claim follow it up with a question. That question should be in the spirit of prove it Mr. Sauna brand

Mr. Wizard’s/Bill Nye the Science guy’s guide to deep detoxification in an infrared sauna:
High fluence focused vs. High Fluence vs. Low Fluence focused vs. Low Fluence dispersed

So if I am sitting on the beach exposed to all the infrared and gamma radiation of the sun I will be getting a certain degree of fluence of the Sun’s light over time and the longer period of time I are exposed the more biochemical changes occur in my tissue which can produce a sunburn if I don’t cover up. When I put your hand up closer to a light bulb I can feel the heat on my hand? When I put my hand near a fluorescent bulb there is hardly any heat on my hand? Also note that a fluorescent tube can illuminate a huge room vs. a light bulb which only radiates to a smaller space. The lightbulb is concentrating more Wattage into the metal filament which produces the infrared and it heats the element up so much that it produces infrared moving into visible light spectrum. This concentrated output of infrared light I can feel when I hold my hand close. As I move my hand further away less photonic energy reaches my hand or receives less radiant exposure. In other words the fluence level would significantly decline as my hand moved further away. With an infrared heater in a sauna most paneling is directed to shoot infrared rays and particles in just one direction and ideally towards your body. 

Ways to increase your fluence experience
The heater emitter should be close as possible to my body
It should be angled or positioned directly towards some part of my body. Ideally every surface of my body should receive infrared from a panel
The front side of my sauna should have adequate panels with enough fluence to reach the front of my body (normally there is minimal paneling due to the door being large) Commonly there are just a couple small panels on either side of the door which requires one to have to sit on one side corner of the bench to receive infrared to front of body
• Using a sauna that feeds more wattage power to fewer heaters/emitters so that more infrared can be produced
Make sure to see manufacturer specifications of infrared panel verifying micron output in optimal range of 9.4 (deepest penetrating FAR wavelength). Also verifying how long the emitter produces around that micron range

Micron Range Scam Watch & the Bell Curve of Electrical Output

Besides sauna brands not backing up their claims in regards to their heaters/emitters producing certain wavelength they also will count on consumers not being informed enough to catch this one common trick. If research has shown that optimal deeply penetrating infrared rays (high fluence) is ideal for detox, weight loss, immune system stimulation, etc. in the range of Micron 9.4 do all heater types go to that range? No of course not..but that is not the deception, the deception is for the types of panels that do pass through 9.4 range but only briefly for a few seconds before coming back down again to a lower micron range. 

The Bell Curve of Electrical Output: Back to the lightbulb analogy. When I plug in a 60 watt bulb the bulb doesn’t just pop on at 60 watts of light starts at 0,1,2,3,4,5,,,25,,37,,etc. up to 60 watts. Of course is done this in nano seconds so it appears to pop on right at 60 watts of light output. The same goes for infrared sauna panels. When I plug in my sauna and turn the sauna on and set the temperature the emitters receive their full wattage power and when they reach that power lets say the panel handles 1watt then it produces a certain micron range that it was built to produce. Now what people don’t know is that in order to produce the right micron range for healing it is not just about what material are used in the heater (carbon, ceramic, mix, stainless steel backed ceramic etc.) but also about what kind of wattage power is being run into the heating element. In order to get a ceramic panel for example to produce a certain micron range and hold it in that specific range, the electrical power being delivered to that panel must also be controlled!!!! Most heating panels only have an “on” and “off” switch. Otherwise when you turn on the sauna, X amount of standard wattage will be delivered to the heater and as the heater warms up it will pass through a range of wavelengths but cannot stay at any particular wavelength. There are claims from some companies that their panels hit the ideal 9.4 micron range but in reality their panel because the electrical input on it is not controlled will pass through that ideal range briefly and in fact settle on a much lower range and in some cases much higher than 9.4. If I want maximum infrared deliverance in the ideal range it is important to control power supplied to the panels. I know of only one company who has a patented system to do just that. Some companies could follow suit but they just either don’t care because they know consumers won’t know the difference or its too costly.

For those expecting to buy a sauna that will help with detox, I urge people to make sure whatever sauna they buy can stay under 120 degrees without clicking on and off. The ones that click on and off 50% of the time usually get really hot and the room stays at 120 degrees. I want a sauna that actually has heaters that stay on the ENTIRE time and give far infrared isolate emissions. These are the rays that can travel to the subcutaneous fat. The higher fluence saunas have more of these rays. The Saunacore which is what I use now has the highest. I only do heavy lipolysis sessions when I need to detox. I still use my Therasauna from time to time but for Saunacore, many people that are willing to pay the cost of a Saunacore are in a dire situation. Usually it's Lyme or an urgent need to release heavy metals in the body. Not everyone needs a medical sauna and willing to pay for a Saunacore. I do my best with this brand to get the cost lower. I put my orders in at the end of the month. The more they build at once the cheaper I can get them. All of their saunas take 4 to 8 weeks to build depending on the season.
This is mostly important to those that want to detox. If particularly interested in buying a sauna that will maintain a high far infrared percentage, please let me know on my quiz. Also see my new Far Infared Percentage Page here.

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What carbon feels like
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