​Off gassing vs. EMF What is Worse for your health?
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Remember that 90% of sauna brands come out of 4 manufacturers in China. They used streamlined construction processes to reduce labor costs as much as possible. This will include using lots of common construction industry practices like chemical binders, glues, adhesive agents with the wood shell. My problem is what happens when the invisible infrared energy is passing through the walls. All those chemical agents can off gas toxins into the air and the room the sauna is in because at a chemical level the bonds are starting to break in the chemicals they use due to the wavelength’s properties of warming the molecules. This is why it might be a good idea if the sauna might be one of the 90% to keep it outdoors or in the garage out of the home so it doesn't destroy the indoor air quality. Some people with compromised immune systems who already have many chemical sensitivities end up very sick because of off gassing. Also note that if they are sharing a two person sauna with husband or wife make sure that for dinner that night they don’t have Hot Pockets or an extra large burrito before going in the sauna as that can lead to the worst off-gassing of all. This is when it might be recommended to use an oxygen concentrator or that little air ionizing feature the sales guy told you about repeatedly may become the most important feature to you. 

Note: Beware of misleading EMF readings. Many refer to the EMF as what reaches the person in the middle seat, not the actual heater itself. Some heaters have very low EMF but high magnetic frequecnies. Some heaters have high EMF but they have wiring around the heater to block the EMF field but they have such a high wattage that they don't produce high far infrared emissions as they get too hot. The lower the wattage the lower the EMF is usually. If I see a heater with very high wattage it usually has more mid and near infrared emissions than far infrared emissions.

Saunas making you sick? Scam watch! 
​For those looking for ZERO off gassing and nearly Zero EMF, most saunas are 99% pure as far as off gassing. For those that don't even want water based glues or woods that have not been treated with formaldehydes or any preservatives at all, there are only a few brands that I approve of. The HORIZON sauna is made for people with chemical sensitivities that don't want any smell whatsoever. Everything is made of surgical steel including the nails they use. There are only 2 brands that use untreated woods that I promote. Most people don't do this as they want their woods to last a really long time and they don't have poplar wood as it is a very expensive wood to in saunas and out of most peoples price range. See my review on the company that makes the Horizon sauna here.

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More and more companies are doing away with these glues. If you want to know what they smell like at the local hard ware store you can get a bottle of wood glue. Let it sit out in a warm place and smell it.


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