Sauna Filth:
Residues and films from toxic people are just nasty. People are buying a saunas to detox, not sit in a sauna that has residues and body wastes from previous sessions. Just take a tissue and wipe the wood and you will see a nasty film on most of the saunas I go in. This is the residues after the water is dehydrated from it from the heat from the sauna. This needs to be cleaned.

Bacteria can grow on certain woods. I have smelled different towels from people that have sweated in saunas. After letting the dirty towel sit out for a few days, it really can start to stink. Depending on the type of sauna session someone is doing, the smell can be almost nothing from just water based sweat to a very foul odor. This also depends on how toxic they are.

I have had many people come over to my sauna and use the towel to wipe off but still drip sweat all over the wood. I am not too worried about the water dripping but the toxic sebaceous oils that absorb into my sauna. No one wants to sit on someone else's toxins. When using a towel to wipe down during the sauna session, the sebaceous oils don't absorb back into the skin. These wastes are usually the lymphatic wastes from the lymphatic system.

If I leave my door open in my sauna my dog always goes in and licks the floors. This should not happen. This is filth. Its not just the salts the dog is licking but the bacteria that is growing on the food floor. The reason dogs lick people is because of the aerobic bacteria on the skin that most domestic dogs don't get because they eat cooked dog food and rarely eat raw animals in nature. Most wild animals that kill a deer always go for the organs first as that is where the flora is. Watch the nature channel and you will learn this.

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...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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