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Jade Sauna:
The Vivo Sauna
This is as high fluence as you can get. The heat comes from the bottom from the heat emitting from the 440 individual jade stones in each model. And the way you lay in it, the legs are raised over the heart kinda like those zero gravity chairs you see at the Relax the Back store. The sauna has infrared lamps instead of carbon or rod heaters. The lamps are the same as you would find at Spa Castle in New York. Every time I go there I have to wait in line to use the Red infrared lamps. The last 3 times I went there there were too many people using them and they never let anyone have a turn. The sauna is like a piece of furniture in that you can rest comfortably in it. The feel of it is kinda like the feeling you would get out of a Biotmat and a done sauna at the same time but much more intense. The fluence of the Jade is super high. I have been on a Biomat and this feels much different.

The persons head is also outside and for the people that need to breath fresh air or who get claustrophobic in a wooden sauna, this is probably the best you can get in far infrared saunas. Although they are quiet expensive unless you get a demo that come in from time to time. I usually can get my hands on about one to two a month. The temperature can be turned down low to 86 degrees for those that are heat intolerant and to 185 degrees for those that really want to sweat. I can't even stay in there for half a session at this temperature. As a rule, the maximum allowed temperature for public saunas is 194 degrees which they are regulated at. So, 185  degrees is just below the heat where you walk in a sauna and its so hot that the bench you can't even sit on because you need a towel so you don't burn your leg. Its almost that hot. Mine that I tested went to 185 degrees although I hear some can go higher.

The cool thing about this sauna is that the far infrared heats up the jade which absorb the energy and it gives off enough heat to penetrate about 3 times as far into the body. Most infrared saunas only have enough fluence to penetrate the body only about 1.5 inches. The nerves and organs that get the heat from the Jade stones get it unlike just the surface to 1.5 inches in a regular infrared sauna. A jade sauna can penetrate about 8 inches deep when the jade is very hot and about 6 inches on a sweat where its not too hot. The feeling I get from sitting in a jade sauna is like no other experience.
​As of now, if anyone is willing to do a youtube video with a Jade sauna, I will help out. As always, the Jade sauna comes with a 30 day return policy. It can also be rented for a 3 month period for people that cannot afford to buy one for permanent use. Many people need to get a sauna like this and don't need it after they heal. The actual sauna weighs about 90 lbs so its not too expensive to ship.

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Many people put salt rocks in their sauna and spray with water to give off ion output. Many people can't afford a jade sauna. The jade I have tested gives off a high ion output when heated. Salt does the same. These salt rocks come in 2.2 kilo bags. Ask about this if you are interested. Wholesale inquires available.
...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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