My sauna quiz questions are designed to help you pick out the sauna based on the answers you choose. My goal is to pick out a sauna I think you would like best as if you had the chance to try each and every sauna before you bought. There is no hidden agenda built into the questions. It is only based on the answers you select.
How many times a week do you deliberately try to sweat?
Is your sweat odorless? 
Do you wear deodorant to suppress sweat?
Do you sweat when their is no heat?
Do you have chronic pain that restricts you in any way?
Do you get bitten a lot from mosquitos in the summer heat?
Are you going in the sauna sedentary or after exercising?
Do you have a lot of fat under your skin?
What color is your urine?
Where do you sweat the most during working out?
Do you sweat heavily during normal exercise?
Sweat times- Do you get long dampening before you sweat or do you just start sweating?
How is the air circulation in your house?
Is the sauna the only thing you are using?
How long or short do you want your sessions?
What is the main reason you want an infrared sauna?
What type of sauna are you comparing?
Do you have concerns over EMF output?
Have you ever been in an infrared sauna?
How long have you been trying to compare saunas?
Do you have interest in SWOT Saunas (Sauna With Oxygen Therapy?
Which type of price range do you need to stay in?
Are you a health professional?
I usually will respond to your email within 45 minutes during my break. I will review your answers and email you back.  I will try to call people back if requested or if I need more information than the quiz to recommend the right sauna.
If you are someone trying to sell me something, do not contact me.
If you are sincerely looking for help choosing an infrared sauna and there is a question you have that I have not answered on my website, please ask me below and I will try to answer it. I will call you if my answer requires me calling you, I will.

I can only help you pick out a sauna based on the answers you choose. It is not my job to recommend a sauna just because its the one I use or that I like it.

What else should I know about you in order to give you the most accurate recommendation
Does your dog lick you?
Are you using a Biomat after your sauna session?
Best times to call
Time Zone
...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

Ask for Sharon
...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

Ask for Jake

Ask for Sharon

Are you looking for a single or full spectrum sauna?
What size are you looking for?
Are you placing the sauna indoors or outdoors?
Grade of Sauna
Which sauna brand(s) have you researched the most?
Ask for Jake
Are you doing hormesis in your sauna (only saunas with high heat co-efficients can do this)
Are you trying to increase heat shock proteins in your sauna?
Do you have a lot of visceral fat around your abdomen?
An infrared sauna to do a 16 to 20 minute session should have visceral heaters as well as a high heat co-efficient for those looking for a detox sauna and help increasing heat shock proteins and hormesis. If the latent heat is too high in the sauna it will be difficult to absorb the rays from the heaters. Our research shows that no detox session should be more than 20 minutes in the right type of far infrared sauna.
Do you itch when you sweat?
Therasauna Full Spectrum
Saunacore Medical Saunas
Vital Sauna
Better Life
Heavenly Heat
JNH Lifestyles
High Tech Saunas