​In 2012, the trend to make infrared heaters that had lower EMF was the big issue. All the sudden on almost every site companies are claiming Low EMF. (I have a Dr. Gauss meter I paid 30 bucks for), it will tell me how low it REALLY is. I always test it close, not 3 inches a way like some of the videos show.

Many people are nervous about putting their cell phone up to their head but didn't realize the EMF was high in their saunas in the past. Many people over the last 18 years since 2013 still use the high EMF saunas but a good EMF blocking necklace should be enough to help with the emf. Some transmute the emf and others block it and show a lower reading on the emf meter. 

Some of the saunas are shielded for emf and some have low emf producing components in the first place. A low, what I consider low EMF score for a sauna, especially if in sitting real close to the heaters is 2 to 4 milli gauss. I always ask the companies what their EMF rating is. If they don't know I will personally send them my own 30 dollar Dr Gauss meter for them to tell me.

Sitting next to heaters that have high EMF is like putting all my body organs up to 

Note: When the meter goes into the red zone on my meter, I had to borrow a high end meter. The mili gauss of the high EMF saunas were around 110 mili gauss and one of them was 172 mili gauss that someone was selling on Craigslist. I had never heard of the brand. So everyone knows, the average hair dryer is at 300 mili gauss but the sauna at 100 mili gauss in a 30 minutes session delivers more emf than a 300 watt hair dryer in 5 minutes.

After the first inch is where the EMF dissipates on most saunas. If someones back is up to the wood within 2 inches of the heater this is when I need to know the EMF measurement. I don't play when it comes to EMF. I cant stand EMF. I want to keep my voltage of my body as high as it can.

Check to see if the wires are insulated for EMF. Most of the ETL certified wires have lower EMF also.

​The saunas that I promote now all must have a low EMF in order for me to recommend one. See my new Review page for the saunas that I recommend.
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Cost me 30 bucks.

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