​Not everyone is looking for the highest percentage of the far infrared spectrum. Some want to get rays that will go deeper to loosen up toxins in the fat and some want to take it slower and sweat more water based sweat and burn more calories. about 90% of the people buying saunas from my site are not doing it for therapeutic reasons. My focus is on detox and people that need to detox don't even want to talk about it so I don't introduce detoxing if someone is not interested.

Some saunas have heaters that put out over 90% far infrared and some of the heaters only put out less than 20. I will never say the 20% ones are bad, its just less piulling power. Not everyone can tolerate the amount of toxins the sauna pulls out so this can be

​I always know when the sauna has the heaters that give off over 90% far infrared in a 30 minutes session.. It usually takes me about 20 minutes to figure it out. I don't need a salesperson at a show telling me. I've brought my mug, my bathing suit under my jeans and at these home and garden shows, I always do a 30 minute session. That summer I went to different trade shows and took notes on all the different brands.  I know what each brand feels like.
The ammonia smell that is on my skin from a high far infrared sauna stinks. If you get in the car with someone who has this ammonia smell, you smell it without getting up close. This is what happens when the fir rays go deeper. I can even smell the towel that I sweated on and even let it sit out a couple days to really smell it.

The best way to find out without knowing how that sauna is gonna make me feel is to feel the bench, the wooden beach, the walls. The more near infrared the heaters give off the more the physical part of the sauna is heated. Some people prefer this and others don't. Some people want to get hot very quickly while others want to stay in longer and do a slower sweat. The more far infrared it has the more the body can be warmed without the air in the sauna getting as hot and the feeling its too hot too fast for many people.

It is easy to pick out just the right sauna after you have compared them all. My infrared sauna quiz will help based on the answers you choose. Take my infrared sauna quiz here.

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JADE Saunas
​What saunas feel like:
What carbon feels like
What ceramic rods feel like
What carbon/Rod Combos feel like
Get discounts for taking the quiz before you call. Please call after 15 minutes after you take the quiz. Please refer to my rules of my site on my home page before you call and I will offer my standard discounted pricing. I will not discount saunas for those that do not follow my rules. My discounts that I have the privelege to offer are only available for those that take my quiz first and call 15 minutes afterwards.

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This is a picture that shows what detox sweat looks like. The sweat is sticky when not washed off. its oily from the sebaceous oil glands, not just water sweat. 

​Staying in longer. Its a lower sweat but their is not as much water. Many people prefer shorter sessions and most people contacting me want to lose weight, about 90% of people. The other people are toxic and have health opportunities. (Learned that term at Optimum Health Institute.) At the end of the 3 week raw food diet cleanse, no one says any word but that one. If you notice I don't use terms that are negative on my site that have to do with illness. Negative energy.

Its not just to see how much I can sweat but the type of sweat. I will say that the 10% of the people that are calling for detox I would recommend a different type sauna with a different overall fluence.

If using it for detox, please let me know on my quiz. This can make a difference in the type of heaters, amount of fluence, and how close the heaters need to be to get just the right sweat with the right timing of the season and the sweat plan.
How to choose
Dont but without reading this first
Ceramic VS Carbon
The most important decision on this site.
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​Carbon Panel
Ceramic Rod

...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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When the core is heated up 3 degrees higher than body temperature, this is when I turn the heat down. I have already burned 300 calories (lipolysis). That 300 calories of fatty waste (heavy metals and whatever toxins the fat was holding) needs to be picked up by the lymph system. Many people just go in the sauna and shower off. Every raw food institute I have stayed at talks about this. I believe it is a total waste of time as far as detox is concerned to bring an artificial fever for lipolysis. Rebounding after the sauna session should move about 4 teaspoons of lymph per minute. Many people can't handle this many lymph turns as their liver can't handle it or their lymph nodes are so swollen that they need to be evacuated first.

There are so many people buying saunas and are just releasing but not removing the waste. And there are people that buy rebounders that go on cold and move lymph fluid but have not burned any fat to release the waste. It really aggravates me that no one bothers to teach about this. How is the freakin lymph system going to pick up waste if the fat if the body is still in homeostasis and holding on to the toxins.

I have another website that talks about what to do before and after far infrared session from beginner level to intermediate and advanced. The Dr. Yu protocol is just the foundation.

Below are some packages for those who are interested in getting the sauna dome. Remember, this is a 950 watt sauna and 300 calories of lipolysis and then sending it through the lymphatic system can be a challenge. Some protocols release and remove slower and others faster. Faster is sessions and more lymph drainage doesn't always mean better.
Below are my 3 top selling saunas sold for Detox and Full Spectrum emissions:
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Our Strongest FIR emmissive sauna

Therasage Tent - The most intense tent sauna - highest FIR emmissive carbon heaters we tested.
Note: for those seeking the highest far infrared emissions must choose a saunas that can stay under 120 degrees without getting very hot and then turning off to do this. Most saunas heaters get very hot and then turn off. Not only are people getting little to no infrared rays of emission but only a hot sauna cabin, this is not what far infrared saunas were meant to do. Far infrared rays penetrate up to 2 inches into the skin ONLY WHEN THE HEATERS ARE ON. The Therasauna has a computerized controller that only puts out enough power to the heaters to keep them at a certain temperature. Saunacore uses a double wall sauna that has a cooler built in. Their fans keep the heaters cool. The Saunacore gives the truest far infrared experience I have experienced with Therasauna coming in after that. I used a Therasauna for years until my Saunacore.
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