​Just as important is the type of heater, the proximity of it also matters. On some heaters, such as the rods that get too hot, many people want them to be further away sometimes to they don't get too hot and you have to move around the saunas like a rotisserie chicken. Some heaters are exposed where you can see the carbon panels and others are behind wood. Some heaters have a space in between the wood you rest your back up to and the heater behind it so sweat doesn't get on the carbon heater. Salt residues that drip in between the wood edge and then go onto the panels is not what I prefer. I like that some saunas have this gap in between.

​Most infrared saunas have the carbon heaters exposed and are in front of the wood. Some saunas have their heaters in the front where some only have the heaters on the sides and back and some built into the floor to get the feet. Many people appreciate this on a cold day.

The biggest thing that separates the saunas is how high the heaters go up. I do not promote the saunas that have heaters go up to the roof of the sauna. This makes the sauna hotter but doesn't deliver the far infrared as its too far away above my body. The height I look for is around 26 to 31 inches. If someone is taller, the higher the better but if too short, the heater can be below your shoulders not giving a full surround feel.
If the sauna is not a low EMF saunas, I strongly suggest an EMF blocker you can wear or a machine thats transmutes it.

​See my page that talks about EMF here
The closer the heaters are to the body, the more far infrared I can get at lower temperatures. The Saunex and Sauna Dome is an example of a sauna with close proximity of heaters.
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Low EMF Saunas
JADE Saunas
​What saunas feel like:
What carbon feels like
What ceramic rods feel like
What carbon/Rod Combos feel like
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How to choose
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Ceramic VS Carbon
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​Carbon Panel
Ceramic Rod

...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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Below are my 3 top selling saunas sold for Detox and Full Spectrum emissions:
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Our Strongest FIR emmissive sauna

Therasage Tent - The most intense tent sauna - highest FIR emmissive carbon heaters we tested.
So many people get larger saunas and the heaters may be good and all but they are too far away from the body. The rays only go so far. If I put my hand up to the heater on the far infrared setting (under 120 degrees) I feel it but if I am too far away I don't as much. Note: if the sauna is heating the room then it is not producing isolate far infrared emissions. The picture is what the heaters look like in the sauna that I like for deep lipolysis. Rays from ceramic are much more intense than carbon. The highest fluence saunas that I have tried are the Saunacore (I use their model now) and the Jacuzzi sauna (I can feel their ceramic combo emissions much more than plain carbon saunas.

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