How to spot an inflated price
If I ever see a dealer, website, vendor, etc. knocking off $2000+ from the retail price and showing what the retail price originally was, then I always steer clear of inquiring further…unless of course I want a cheaply made sauna. No above board sauna manufacturer, dealer, distributor knocks off $2000 most of the year. Sure another higher quality brand may do so but that would be one of those exceptional one day or holiday sales type of thing. Not 8 months out of the year sale that I see some vendors promoting. The reason is because if a dealer was really knocking off $2000 of a sauna that wasn’t already majorly price inflated from the wholesale cost, then this would eat into their profit margin so greatly that would not make any good business sense…that is unless the business’s intention is to be doing charity work and giving away saunas because they believe in a world where not man woman or child has to suffer from bloated fat cells filled with toxins. 
The bottom line to really spotting an inflated price is by asking the right kind of questions to determine the quality. Hey if the sauna is good quality then I’m willing to shell out some good money for it. But if they can’t put their money where their mouth is and they are talking gibberish just to try to sell me then I have no problem telling them to shut up and answer my questions. You don’t get to ask me questions Mr. Salesman I’m the customer in this equation so you as a representative of your brand are gonna answer MY questions, and if I don’t feel you have a vested interest in me and my health goals then I’m gonna look somewhere else! Oh and Namaste..

The best thing you can do is ask the right questions to select brands that you know for sure are very high end know the ones that are like$5,000+ starting at a 2-3 person size. To even sell anything that high these manufacturers have to prove their brand is worth it.. so find out what they think is so great about their brand. Ask them to prove any claims they make through manufacturer testing specs or citing published clinical studies linking what they deliver with their product to those studies. The best brands can do this. After that I have a guideline for grilling the other brands U encounter and seeing if everything is above board or they are just trying to fool me with the superficial appearance of the sauna and the high overinflated price point. 

Unfortunately like many industries today, products are made overseas with cheap components and cheaper labor and then overinflated when sold in countries like America and Canada. 90% of sauna brands I've come accross inflate their prices and they have learned to get their cost of manufacturing price point very low thanks to cheap labor and construction techniques in Japan and China. How do I spot an inflated price? Easy they’re everywhere. So what is most important is to maximize the value or quality you get, knowing that you are also being overcharged and there’s nothing you can do about it. 
Grill the manufacturer or dealer about the Warranty and compare it to other companies who have some of the best warranties in the industry. I try to ask 10+ questions in this area and always always always read the fine print in the warranty. I ask questions about having them prove to me the manufacturer’s specs on the heaters and their micron output, EMF, and how they perform outdoors and indoors in terms of temperature control. I ask them to prove they are not using toxic wood binders, adhesives, and other plastics in their construction process. If they can’t or are not willing (the real reason) to show me the information I am requesting then I know that they would rather not show me for some particular reason…But they are happy to take my CC and charge me for their overinflated sauna…and the cool air ionizer. “Thank you Mr. Schmizzle for your purchase and can we put you on our newsletter mailing list where we can continue to sell you on our brand and other feature upgrades while distracting you from having buyer’s remorse?” “Yes thank you for asking.” I wonder if anyone could even say all that in one breath perhaps that is the greater question here. Proven Features that actually benefit your health!

-The GREAT heater/infrared emitter debate
“Did you notice the gold plated door handle John?” “ Yes thanks, but can we talk about the heating panels on your wall instead?” *sales person vanishes
What I commonly see with 90% of brands is the inside of the unit paneled with a whole lot of carbon emitters. Now there is nothing wrong with that per se. But there may be something wrong with that depending on what someones health goals are and what they are expecting from the sauna experience. Instead of sauna companies talking about what paneling is good for ones particular needs, they would prefer to talk about how their paneling is better than the other brand’s. see they don’t care about really educating me…they just want to put down the other brand I was looking at and sell me on their brand. It is not so black and white as one panel is better than the other but once I understand how the heaters really work, then I can match up which infrared emitter is the right one. 

I know the brands that have inflate prices but its not my job to argue with them as I am not in control of them. I do my best to dissect saunas and find out if the high prices people pay are really worth it or if the prices are inflated to make someone believe its a quality sauna. A 1 person sauna can cost as low as 500 dollars and all the way up to over 4000 dollars for something like a Therasauna.
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