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Detox Saunas - Saunas that stay under 120 degrees. 
I do not promote sauna for deep lipolysis that stay at 120 degrees but get really hot and reach 120 degrees and shut off and then come back again. This is not the same. Some people prefer to do a full spectrum session and some like to turn the fan off and get really hot and then turn the fan on and do the isolate spectrum on the cool down. I sit on a Biomat mini if the sauna doesn't have a heater in the seat. (see the heater on my Saunacore page).

Most of the toxins in drugs are also stored in fat that once come out of the fat go to the liver to be eliminated. NOT IN THE SWEAT. I am not sure who is telling people that sweat is toxic. Its mainly water, salt and urea.

The liver produces bile to make the fat soluble toxins into water soluble. The intestines do their job. I'd hope people are on a good probiotic. If the probiotic can't digest a steak in 3 days then its a bunk probiotic.

Note: for those that don't have a rebounder yet, or who are not following DR. Yu, it really can't be done. Many people sit and sweat and do not remove the waste. Waste must first be released then removed. What good is it to drain the fat if it's gonna reabsorb right back into the body.

Cleansing modalities often do work best alongside the release of fatty waste. Note that Release is not the same thing as Remove. Many people will find it better to remove and dump their lymph first while others may feel they need to flush their lymph vessels after their sweat session. The worst thing is when the lymph nodes are swollen and people don't evacuate them before pumping more lymph that comes out with each calorie of fat burned.

Note: A naturally low body temperature impairs sweating. Some people start out at 99 and heat 3 degrees to 102 while others are at 97 and their core goes to 100 degrees. So, not every time when someone heats themselves 3 degrees is what it takes. There are books that tell you what the temperature that the body should stay at but I can't put this stuff on my site due to rules I agreed to as a distributor. I know this stuff but I am not a doctor although I have studied lipolysis from far infrared lasers to infrared saunas to freezing the fat. No matter how lipolysis is done, it's not a done deal. Remember, Release, remove. Not Remove then release.
Note: many people try to heat their core but if they can't stay on long enough and don't activate the metabolic processes, like releasing bile, etc, then the session was really for nothing. Those who have a very sluggish metabolism will find this the most challenging.

Heating the body core 3 degrees is the most challenging and my goal each time I use my sauna, especially if I am going to end my session in isolate FIR.

Note: to those that think they are doing something good by sweating excessively:
Sweating is only a "by product' of heating the body. Heavy metals that are in the fat don't magically bypass the liver and digestive system and flow through the sweat pores, not even the sebaceous glands. Every medical study on toxin elimination in almost every medical document shows they get eliminated through the kidneys and liver and then whatever is water soluble gets out in the skin. By this time the fat soluble has mixed with bile to turn it into water soluble waste.

The most common toxicity I hear about is too much iron in the body. So many people eat pasta, the breads, the white flour products that all have been fortified with iron. All this iron gets accumulated in the body. When the fat can't hold it anymore it gets stored in the liver and other organs and this is usually when problems can happen.

Stimulating the body to burn at least 300 calories is good as long as the good minerals are replaced. I've learned that for the same amount of heavy metals someone wants to get rid of, around the same amount of good minerals are leached.

So, to see if all this heavy sweating is really doing something, I always smell my sweat and others if they let me me. If someone eats tuna a lot they usually smell of mercury. Their sweat has a very fishy odor. Those that have too much sulfur in their body have a rotten egg smelling odor.

If doing long sessions in my sauna, replacing electrolytes is super important. I take Calm. It's has a super high concentration of electrolyte minerals. Note that in about 32 ounces of sweat in a single session contains about about 20 mg of calcium, 50 mg of magnesium and a lot of sodium, usually about 1200 mg. Potassium is also lost, about 250 mg. The higher the core is raised the more of these minerals that get leached from the body. Eating bananas are great if someone doesn't get enough potassium. Replenishing these things after the session can often mean the difference of someone feeling sluggish vs lots of energy and feeling energized.

Heat rash. Don't be ignorant and do it wrong and get sweat stuck and trapped in the skin.

Be very careful if using Castor oil to block the evaporation of sweat. Sweat ducts can be blocks and only good if its the right protocol.

Some people get more inflammation in the deep layers of their epidermis. Super intense FIR. It's only good when done correctly. RELEASE REMOVE. RELEASE REMOVE.. CAN I REPEAT THAT 10,000 MORE TIMES SO YOU REMEMBER THIS!!!!

Note: many people have really dry skin after their sessions. If done wrong, this is usually the symptom. Itchiness and irritation can be common too when done wrong.
Note: I urge people to limit the creases in their skin while in the sauna. I prefer to spread my arms and legs so I can let myself air out. During high fluence, full spectrum sessions, having a partition like a dry rag under the breasts and groin and thighs can be a game changer and make it much more comfortable during long sessions. The buttocks also gets a lot of weight bearing down on it and when the core is heated 2 to 3 degrees, it can get very uncomfortable.

18 hours a day in the sauna / 4 days: = TOTAL OF 72 HOURS in IN 4 DAYS.
Many people aren't ready for this protocol. Sweat glands cannot be blocked. Those with inflammation will most likely get a heat rash and have a burning sensation during a session like this. Arms must be apart so sweat can evaporate. A body scrub might be necessary to open up the sweat pores. Most people wanting to do this have a low level of fitness and will find this hard to do. There are so many different protocols to be taken especially with this advanced treatment. I assume no liability for those that see this page.

Master Level Sauna Detox:
Those at this level have already learned that the real benefit at this level is at the low levels while in full spectrum the body stays at 2 to 3 degrees over the normal body temperature.

Those using a sauna at it peak capacity level do not do this every day but only when necessary.
Note: the body can only absorb a maximum capacity of far infrared. By having more fluence when the tissues are already at its maximum is just overkill. Last thing people want is to drain there energy. Those at this level know how to balance their sessions so they can preserve their energy accordingly.

Although the soft far infrared is very soothing, people (or dogs) at this level can have intense full spectrum sessions while getting the FIR at the same time. People at this level are more accustomed to raising their core temperature so many times that most have worked their way up to 3 degrees over their normal body temperature. Very few people start out that same day and can do sessions like this. People who have mastered their sessions also sweat twice as fast as beginners who haven't used their sauna on a regular basis yet.

Those who have worked their way up to handle longer sessions with their core raised 2 to 3 degrees will find they can handle even more. 

Using a salve or balm on the body can help block the evaporative effect of sweating. Those that use a salve during their session can raise their core temperature MUCH FASTER and can increase it even higher. People sweat way more when they do this but those doing this need to be very careful as the core can get too hot. Monitoring the temperature of the body should be mandatory if doing this. I learned this at the Russian bath house I used to go to. I kept seeing people put oil on them. I could not figure it out. They were putting castor oil on them. This is what most people use to block sweat evaporation in the sauna. (I put a soy fabric water based cover on my sauna seat if using castor oil). I have learned so many tips on how to do this and they all conflict. Some people say do it once you sweated 50% of your session, others say put it on when you first get in. Others say get all the sweat out in your first session and go cool down and put the oil on for the 2nd session.
As people do this they will learn what works best for them. The goal is to not dehydrate and lose too much water but enough to rid whatever someone is trying to get rid of.

Note: I strongly recommend going someone to do a 1 hour body scrub. Over a pound of this greyish playdough looking stuff comes off the body. It is hard to release when so many pores are clogged. Dry skin brushing can be good for maintenance but if someone hasn't been doing this regularly, a good body scrub at a local spa can give a big jumpstart. Also, when dry skin brushing, I do this BEFORE my session. When I take a bath afterwards my session, I use a loofah and scrub even more. All the pores are open and during the hot bath (as hot as I can take), I am still sweating and trying to release whatever was trapped in my pores.

Note: I do this once I get my flush. Using Niacin before my session and then I wait till I get that "flush" and then I am ready to start. This is done before I take my bath on days I am taking a bath and do it before if I am not planning on taking a long bath afterwards. Also, I use a really high end shower filter (the 

****Niacin that people get from the health food stores comes in 2 different types: The type that allows the capillaries in the skin to be flushed with blood and makes people feel like they have an instant sun burn, like a severe sunburn if taken too much, and the NON-Flush type. There is one brand that I recommend and most people buy the cheapest brand that is not the best. Also, many people buy the wrong type and don't get the benefits they are looking for. Also, when taking the bath after the session, if taken too much Niacin the bath can help alleviate the sunburn feeling. I take about 500 milli grams each time I do it but most find that 250 is enough. Also, I DO NOT RECOMMEND TAKING NIACIN ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. I have more tips but it depends on the persons body ecology using it. All I can say is if you don't consult with someone that knows what they are doing, just be careful! I mean that.

Note: Diet is the symptom of ecology. I am only interested in the cause of the diet. The symbiotic relationship is between the person and the their flora. If there is no relationship between the person and the flora then it doesn't really matter what a person eats. The aerobic bacteria eats all the junk out of my body and there is no need for colonics, cleanses, pills, or anything that someone tries to sell me.

If anyone is considering using niacin and doing master level sessions and wants to get help based on their level of use, let me know on my sauna Quiz. I do not discuss this stuff with beginner sauna users as there can be many variables preventing someone doing an intense cleanse.

Rebounding and Saunas - Before or after is the big question and different for each person.

This is all about lipolysis. Many people go in saunas and think that magically all the byproducts of each calorie of fat burned is just gonna dissapear from the body and be sweated out. These are not freakin water soluble toxins. Fat soluble. The sweat glands are not attached to the lymph system. The way the lymph system works is it creates a negative pressure to pump the waste down the legs and up to the liver. 80% of the lymph vessels are in the leg. That's why you see people who can't sit still alway tapping one leg, and not the other leg.

When the body is warm and the blood vessels are dilated, it is easier for blood to pump to areas that normally get constricted. So, using infrared heat to heat the body's core is only one part of the 2 step process.

I have been rebounding and using infrared therapy way before I saw this video. I personally rebound AFTER my sauna session. Not before. I understand that most people have clogged lymph nodes and a sluggish lymph system and might need to rebound before heating up their body in the sauna. I still believe it is better to rebound longer after the session rather than before. If I have been sedentary for a long time and my lymph system needs to be drained I would rebound before my sweat session because I want my lymph system to be clean if I am going to do a very long sweat session.

Note: if considering taking Niacin for the first time, please consult your doctor. I don't want to be responsible for telling someone what dose to take and next thing they feel awful and feel like their fat is about to explode. As far as myself, my body tells me when I have had too much or not enough.

Note: Redness happens when my fat breaks down too fast. Blood comes to the skin's surface and makes it red. I have always been told to only start with 50mg and work my way up.

Remember, the whole time I am in my saunas session I am conscious if I am mobilizing and how much and then how I'm gonna eliminate it.
Release then remove.... or vice versa with certain people.

Note: Oxygen rich blood from too much oxygenation to painful areas in the body and too much flushing away acidic wastes from lipolysis can bring can cause even more pain, more inflammation, and soreness when the goal is to loosen up the stiffness in the muscles. If this is done wrong, it can be really bad.

Some of the things I do:
1. Many people may find a fan helps prevent heat rash, especially under their arms. I always keep my arms so they are not close to my sides. The fan helps evaporate the sweat. Don't worry. Far infrared rasy travel linearly, in a straight line. You can't blow them away like normal heat. Plus, most of the time I use my sauna I am not trying to keep my core high.

2. I load up on lecithin so my blood is 100% saturated with lecithin. I don't use the soy. I avoid that if I can't get organic sunflower lecithin. I can say this as any health food store has lecithin. The organic sunflower type is harder to get and out of stock a lot as its seasonal. I've found the lower temperatures stimulate the fatty sweat, that oily sebaceous sweat. Fat soluble toxins are held in the fat. The sauna when on high stimulates the body to cool itself off and produce mainly water sweat. Another reason I use full spectrum if I am going to heat my core up and produce lots of water based sweat.

Overdoing it:
This is when people go in the sauna and they really have over done it. Their lymph nodes which with many people are already clogged up and people are over doing it. The lymph vessels are already soaking up too much waste and the lymph nodes all over the body are already at over capacity. Many people know going in the sauna is doing something good for them until they become obsessed and over do it.

Warning: Staying in a sauna  longer than someone should with those in a high level of toxicity is only a burden on the body if it affects your health and causes things NOT to clear out of the body.

There are 3 main detoxification paths that must work together with each other to bind what was released, mobilize it, and move it out of the body. Many people are not ready for a major cleanse and end up following protocols someone told them to do. People fail when they follow these protocols that are not meant for them.

I am listing the top questions people ask me.
I first want to say that most people I meet that have chronic pain and can't get rid of their infections alway have a low body tempuerature. It is hard to get rid of chronic infections when the body temperature is low to start with.

Question #1 - How long should I use the sauna for?
Most beginners to the sauna will find that 7 days is long enough but those that have more time to do a deeper cleanse might aim for 20 or even 30 days. I mean every day using the sauna on full spectrum. I believe it is better to do it over a longer time. Many people will want to take it gradual and others have no choice but to do it gradual. Doing it over 7 days is too rapid for some people and those people can have very uncomfortable symptoms.

#2 How do I know the sauna is even working?
It is not fun doing a detox. Nearly everybody thinks its gonna be relaxing. Once people go through that cleansing crisis they will know what I am talking about. Most of the toxins coming out of the body are coming out of the fat where they are doing very minimal damage to the organs. When the body detoxes, the toxins come out of the fat and can overload the body and put it into a crisis. Once people overdo a session on the sauna faster than they can eliminate. I mean pulling more waste out of the fat than their liver can metabolize. For the next 3 to 5 hours all these toxins are circulating in the body. A good sign the person is not prepared to do this detox just yet is when after the session their break wreaks and the person feels nauseaous or even has a headache. Other people can get bumpy skin or a bad rash. It is when these symptoms persist is when someone needs to talk to someone who knows what they are doing.

#3 How long should I use the sauna for?
Those that I coach I always say to start for 10 to 30 minutes after their core temperature is raised to their desired temperature. It usually takes people about 2 to 3 weeks to get to 30 minutes to 60 minute sessions.

#4 How often should I do this?
Depending on what other protocols are being taken, once session per day is good or if someone wants to be more aggressive they can do 2 sauna sessions per day. It takes many people about a year to fully detox when using it every other day. Many people I would recommend to use it every day once a day and others every other day but doing it twice per day on those days.

#5 had to be taken down - too many people get offended when I talk about body fluids.

#6 Should I shower before my session?
Yes, this opens up all the pores. I would make sure I have a good shower filter. There are a few brands of shower filters I really like. Based on how bad your water is you might not need the best one.

#7 Should I take a cool shower right after my session?
No. I lay down for about 10 minutes to let my core temperature settle down to normal body temperature. The cold shower might be good for skin tone but by letting the body re adjust and not getting up immediately to shower lets the body finish sweating out whatever it can and let the lymph capillaries do its thing.

Should I eat before or afterwards when using an infrared sauna?
I always wait about 1.5 to 2 hours before beginning an intense session, especially if I am going to heat my core 3 degrees. If I am going to do a "far infrared isolate" session and not sweat, then I eat before and it doesn't affect my session.

When is the best time to use the sauna?
I like to use it very early in the morning or before bed time but as long as it doesn't take away my sleep.

How long is a 30 minute session? Does it start when I get in the sauna while my core is heating up or once my core is heated?
Once I break a sweat, that is when I start counting how long my session is. If it took 20 minutes to break a sweat and then I use my sauna for 30 minutes. The session is 30 minutes, not 50 minutes.

How many sessions per day should I use the sauna?
One session is usually good for most people but for those that are working on a specific therapy then two sessions are permissible. If aiming for 3 sessions per day, for those usually in some dire situation or doing a 7 day detox, this is good but extra precautions and protocols I find should be taken.

What if I don't sweat in my sauna?
Some people don't sweat the first 2-4 sessions. This is normal for many people. These are people that haven't sweated in a really long time. Over time, most people become more effective at regulating their body temperature under heat. I would not stay on longer if my heart beat is over 30% of my resting pulse rate if I had a medical issue. Normally this is fine.

Do I really need to aim for my body core temperature to go to 103F?
Fat and Cellulite deposits that are holding body wastes and acidic heavy metals start releasing at around 100.5 degrees. Cooking the body higher should just increase the rate although it is much more uncomfortable. As the fat is broken down into a water soluble solution in the body it can be released. I strongly urge people to look into rebounding. Remember, release then remove, release then remove, not the opposite.

Is it good to stretch in the sauna once the muscles are hot?
I would say no. Many people get extended flexibility from the far infrared heating up their muscles. The range of motion when greater, the reduced stiffness and the increased flexibility the sauna can give, can make problem areas seem like they are gone. Many people over stretch as it doesn't hurt like it does when stretching a cold muscle. By knowing what you are doing it will help avoid these ligament tears and over stretching muscles. It can be very dangerous to stretch paste the safety point when you don't know it.

I have the flu. How long should my sessions be?
When I get the flu, I do sessions 2-3 times per day but only keep my core temperature higher 20 minutes. I don't want to drain all my energy I need for healing my cold. Hyperthermia is good as long as it is done right. I want to strengthen my immune system, not run it down by over doing my sessions. I usually get rid of my cold in a day or two when I first get it if I follow the protocols I've learned.

What should I do right when I finish a session?
I always relax and cool down until my body stops perspiring. I don't immediately get in the shower. I don't want to trap toxins in my skin that need to be released at the last part of my session.

How often and when should I stay in my sauna 7 hours, or 18 hours. Which is better?
Please listen to the interview with the owner of the clinic in California. I have 7 interview videos you can watch. I can send the link. She is a PHD and she talks about this in detail.

Infrared saunas: When is it too long of a session
Our bodies are meant to stay at 98.6. When it's on high it can raise the core to 105F. 105F is when the body is in a serious medical emergency. I urge people to never go over 103F on my sauna site and tweaking their sessions to stay at 103F even if they are using it for an hour. It should not feel like torture but it also is not the most fun thing to do. Staying in the sauna longer than one should as to see how much endurance someone has is not a good thing.

Those with high blood pressure, diabetes, and especially who are on medications should always make sure with their doctor they can do this type of therapy. Those who have these conditions can react differently than a person who can handle deep tissue far infrared therapy.

I urge people to time their first session and see how long it took them to sweat, that first sweat that beads down their brow. This is when the core temperature is raised about 1 degree with the majority of the people I work with. Many people don't make it to 103F core temp due to feeling light headed or like they are going to faint. Many people just starting out can't even go 5 to 10 minutes at 103F. Many people strive for about 20 minutes at 102F to 103F. If not doing a full 20 minute or longer session, I break my sessions up. Still, I find split sessions are better than a longer session not split in half.

Note: even splitting the session up in one hour can be suitable for many. Taking a 5 minute cold shower to bring my body back down from 103F and then continuing the session. I have a bathtub full of lukewarm water ready for me when I do split sessions. Some people do a half session in the morning and the other half at night.

Notice: I do not recommend anyone doing more sauna sessions in a day. Two sessions per day is good and 4 sessions is too draining. If doing 3 sessions per day, I make sure I have enough supplements so I don't deplete myself. My favorite supplement is Original Quinton.

Note: for those buying for detox who have chemical sensitivies, make sure the cedar does not have any finishes. I avoid import cedar saunas that have been soaked in formaldehyde and other petrochemicals. Poplar is my first choice for saunas for those that have sensitivities to chemicals. Aspen is my 2nd choice. If using Cedar, make sure it's not soaked in formaldehyde or has wood preservatives. 

Note: The most intense sauna I consider the best for detox is the SaunaCore SDTX4 model. The one thing I don't like about it is they use water based glues instead of surgical steel nails like they do on their HORIZON SAUNA.
The Horizon sauna by Saunacore only has one wall which doesn't have the cooling system. The SDTX4 model has dual walls with the heater cooling system. It is not advertised but they can customize their SDTX4 model and it costs extra. Only those with severe chemical sensitivities appreciate this. Those that can't handle a tire store or that new car smell will usually not like even water based glues.

Note: for a super fluence experience, Saunacore can add infrared heaters to the floor giving a radiant heat that heats up that is really intense from the floor. Also salt rocks can be added that heat up in their sauna too. They have a wall that is custom built to hold the salt. I have a pot that I take heated salt bricks from the oven and spray it with water.

When doing an hour session in the 11 heater Saunacore model I urge those who want to do a long session to consider Ewot. I use a mask that I breathe in 95% oxygen once my core is heated 3 degrees.

Therasauna and Saunacore Hack: 
Many people can't afford to buy a full Saunacore sauna, especially having it shipped from Canada.
I can sell just the heaters, many people buy 11 heaters which is enough for full body coverage.

This very expensive dollar sauna can cost nearly 25% of the price with my hack). The wooden box costs the most. The shipping of a 1200 pound pallet (their 2 person sauna weighs over 1000 pounds. The duties alone cost a fortune and insurance for damage is expensive too. I buy their heaters and stock them a many people make a sauna in their bathroom. The benefits have nothing to do with a hot room, its the rays that hit directly into the subcutaneous fat. 

I have samples of Therasauna (yellow ceramic) and Saunacore's black ceramic heaters. The Saunacore heaters cost nearly 3 times the price of the other ceramic plate heaters. I can send a sample so people can feel what just the heater feels like. It is hard for someone to pay 3 times the price for these heaters without feeling what true isolate far infrared feels like. By trying out a single heater it will give many people an idea of what their heaters are like and why they cost so much.

​What saunas feel like:
What carbon feels like
What ceramic rods feel like
What carbon/Rod Combos feel like
Get discounts for taking the quiz before you call. Please call after 15 minutes after you take the quiz. Please refer to my rules of my site on my home page before you call and I will offer my standard discounted pricing. I will not discount saunas for those that do not follow my rules. My discounts that I have the privilege to offer are only available for those that take my quiz first and call 15 minutes afterwards.
How to choose
Dont but without reading this first
Ceramic VS Carbon
The most important decision on this site.
Read Here
​Carbon Panel
Ceramic Rod
Discounted prices on Therasauna and Saunacore: I urge people if possible to find a health practitioner to buy for them to get the practitioners price. Certain manufacturers give us a sample price on the first sauna bought by a chiro, massage therapist, or whoever as long as they get approved. It can be as easy as getting a massage somewhere and giving them a tip and having them put the purchase through their reseller license or tax id. We have to follow map pricing unless there is a sale that is authorized by the manufacturer. Also, check on scratch and dents and blemished saunas for deeper discounts.

Heavenly Heat - HIGH TECH - Therasauna - SAUNACORE - HealthMate - Finnleo Saunas - Better Life - Vital Saunas - BIOMATS
...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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Below are my 3 top selling saunas sold for Detox and Full Spectrum emissions:
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Our Strongest FIR emmissive sauna

Therasage Tent - The most intense tent sauna - highest FIR emmissive carbon heaters we tested.
Detox Saunas - 
Infrared saunas I promote for lipolysis of subcutaneous fat
Note: Saunas for deep lipolysis must be able to stay under 120 degrees the entire session without pulsing on and off 50% of the time and must have heaters cooled by a fan or thermostat.
Saunas that get really hot and cut off that stay on at 120 degrees are not the same as constant heaters.
Note: I still promote Healthmate saunas, Heavenly Heat saunas, Hi Tech saunas but for saunas for that I promote for detox, I only promote saunas that give far infrared isolate for lipolysis of the subcutaneous fat.
Clash of the Titans
Therasauna VS Saunacore
Therasauna has yellow ceramic heaters (turns orange when heated). Saunacore has high density black ceramic.
These are the 2 companies that I promote for subcutaneous lipolysis. Therasauna does it by using a computer (Therapad) that check the heater temperature many times per second that controls the wattage going to the heaters so they stay on the entire time with no clicking on and off. Saunacore has 200 watt heaters that stay on the entire time that have a dual wall cabin with a fan that keeps the heaters cool.  The Saunacore is about twice as intense as any other ceramic. About 5 times the intensity as a carbon type with the exception of the Jacuzzi full spectrum sauna.

I do promote Jacuzzi sauna, Vital Sauna, and all the others based on someone's needs but for subcutaneous level lipolysis, a low wattage, high fluence heaters are necessary as long as they can stay cool the entire session compared to most that stay at over 400 degrees and deliver mostly mid and near. I do promote the Healthmate for other reasons though.
The waste from a deep sweat should have lots of "water based toxins (excess salts, urea, lactic acid). The fat soluble toxins which are the hardest to get because the rays have to penetrate 2 layers before the subcutaneous layer.
I taste my sweat to see if it's salty and nasty tasting or if it's just a bunch of watery sweat. The Therasauna and Saunacore if I do a full spectrum session makes the taste very strong and foul tasting.
Therasauna emitter
Yellow ceramic
Sauacore emitter
High Density Black Ceramic
When doing sessions 1 hour or more per day, I have to drink one of these per session. Out of all the supplements I take, this is this is the my most important if going in a high fluence infrared sauna and burning nearly 600 calories in an hour. I always keep these little glass vials by my sauna.
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