Its funny, the people wanting to detox the most usually end up going about it all wrong. Most people that are calling me for detox have been storing up toxins for many year think they can quickly get it all out of their system with a sauna. There are a few protocols to take, such as taking an aggressive probiotic, simple green foods, and people call me up saying they aren't detoxing but just losing weight. These toxins should not go back into the lymph system and back into the body. If not done right they can go back into the bloodstream. Many people do Swat sessions. Peoples blood is so acidic and toxic. But not everyone needs an oxygen concentrator during their sauna session. Some people don't have oxygen problems. Some people are just acidic. Some people have a very low voltage and going in a sauna that is gonna make them burn too many calories will make them even more tired and especially if the toxins are mobilized and not eliminated.

​For detox and a sauna specifically designed for that, not one that will make someone sweat like a pig, the lower wattage saunas with more heater surface area that don't get as hot can let me stay longer in the sauna and get more of a detox sweat. For detox, the heaters that give off 90% or more Far infrared can allow for more session time but they can also pull too many toxins in a session. Many people with health opportunities only go in for 15 minutes and then do some lymphatic exercise. The higher the temperature of the heater, the less of the far infrared spectrum it usually emits.

​My best advise is to find out the wattage of each heater, especially the back heaters that are right up next to the body, not the side ones. The lower the wattage the more in the 8 to 12 range of microns I get. The lowest wattage heaters are around 200 watts. Note that if getting a 200 watt heater for detox, it must have a larger surface area to give high fluence if that is what I am looking for.

​Many people don't detox...
Most saunas out there heat the body core temperature too quickly that the fat cells don't have enough time to liquify. Enough far infrared should be able to reach the fat cells for enough time to release the toxins. Also most people that actually do the right protocols "in" the sauna and release a lot of liquified fat are on a low fat diet thinking they are trying to lose weight. Just in the beginning I would only eat a high fat diet, yes, lots of steak, the fattiest steak I can find, egg yolks, high fat ice cream, lots of coconut oil. All this fat can stimulate the bile release and the fat enzymes that can help digest all the fat that is released in the sauna. So if they enzymes in the bile are not released because people can't trigger it, then those looking to detox in the sauna probably won't. (A high fiber diet is mandatory if eating a lot of fat in the beginning).

If the body is taken to 3 degrees higher too quickly over normal body temperature, and the infrared is mainly near and mid infrared, then the person will probably be losing weight from calorie loss, but the toxins should still remain in the fat. This is where most people get it wrong. After the session, the lymph can still be cloudy and milky. I strongly recommend cleaning the lymph system with lymphatic exercise for about 10 minutes after the sauna session. Many people have compromised immune systems so finishing the session like this can help so people don't get detox symptoms.

With a sauna that has a high far infrared output, I strongly recommend keeping the door open until the body has absorbed at least 20 minutes of far infrared and then turning the temperature up till your body tells you its time to get out of the sauna.

Note: sitting in a sauna for 30 minutes and not sweating people think its not working. The 2 saunas (Therasauna and Saunacore) that are known for "cold sessions" all the sudden heat my core from the inside out. I don't feel it on my skin but a slight warmth. After heating my core up 3 degrees, the fan cooled double wall system Saunacore or the Therasauna with the Therapad that only puts out enough wattage so the heaters stay on the entire time, I go on full intensity highest setting and once my core is heated, this is when I turn either sauna on the isolate mode. (I own the Therasauna 5753 and the Horizon Saunacore model). I do not promote any sauna that if used for detox that If I can't touch the heater it is too hot for detox.

It helps to know if someone is using the sauna for detox or just general wellbeing or strictly for weight loss. Take my infrared sauna quiz. It helps!!

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The really high output infrared saunas can cause really bad itching at first. When heat is created in the body and the body core nears 3 degrees above normal body temperature, the body tries to get rid of the heat and sends more blood to the cooler skin. The heat going to the skin makes our body think the skin is being injured. This is when the skin cells release histamine which makes us itch. Sweating in a sauna makes this even worse. Those with heavy toxins being released into the blood will cause our immune system to react. This histamine causes fluids to release from the cells causing even more itching. I don't see a problem as long as the itching stops within 30 minutes of getting out of the sauna. For those that itch I would personally do less full spectrum and more isolate far infrared. Many people can get too much near infrared and heat their core temperature too fast before they get the benefit of the far infrared spectrum.
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