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​Depending on how hydro-philic someone is (or with people that don't sweat a lot, hydro phobic) this can determine the session times. Some people do better in high fluence sauna with longer sessions at lower temperatures and others do better at higher temps with a low fluence sauna because they are hydro philic. I have talked to many people that drink a gallon of water a day and still thirsty. And some people have to go to the bathroom right after they drink and don't retain water. Most hydro philic people have a clearer sweat to start with.

This will determine the timing of the session. Some people start sweating in 10 minutes while others just have an oily sebacious sweat as they don't have the need to sweat profusely to cool their bodies down.

After about 15 minutes, the average person in an infrared sauna usually starts to see sweat dripping and their heart rate is usually about 100 beats per minute by this time. In 20 minutes, it beats between 100 to 150 beats per minute. After 25 to 30+ minutes it should stay around the same but some people start beating even faster and this is a sign that the session is being overdone.

​After about 30 minutes the body starts releasing toxins, Sooner if doing lymphatic exercise. The thing I try to avoid is just sweating water based sweat and more of the sebaceous, oil based sweat. It can take longer depending on the fluence of the heaters and if a person is too hydro phobic, but this is mainly the people that haven't sweat in a long time. By 30 minutes many people feel they have had enough, especially in a high fluence sauna. I like to do shorter back to back sessions. For me, its not the amount of sweat I sweat out in a session, but the type of sweat. If I do some lymphatic exercise in between and in the next session the sweat volume is much less but the color is much more milky looking, then its not so important to me how much I sweat but the amount of toxins coming out. I always supplement with brine free salt and my vita mineral greens. I do not believe the sauna session time is as therapeutic for me after the 30 minute time limit. The body can only leach out so many toxins with the lymphatic system being stagnant at one sitting. If going over 30 minutes in a single session, all I am doing is leaching out my vital minerals and salts.

The best way I have found to know if how hydro phillic or phobic I am is to see how long it takes for the pres sweat. This is when my skin just gets damp but I don't start dripping sweat just yet. The healthier I am the quicker my skin gets damp. Some people take longer and some people take 5 minutes. This is all based on going in cold and not warmed up yet. Knowing the damp skin to sweat times is good for knowing if the fluence of the sauna is high enough. Know that the fluence of the heaters has nothing to do with the temperature. Also the further away the heaters are from the body the less impact a high fluence heater has on the body.

So many people ask which brand will make them sweat and give them the shortest session. And these same people don't realize that if the session is too short and they want to burn 600 calories a session, that means the heaters are mainly producing mid and near infrared. This is fine for weightloss but for detox, only a certain saunas have enough fluence of far infrared and have enough far infrared rays for lipolysis. Some people like full spectrum saunas that have all 3 spectrum at the same time. Medical grade saunas and those that have the highest FIR for the deepest lipolysis can stay at low temperatures the entire time without clicking on an off 50% of the time. Many people have to stay in their infrared sauna twice to triple the time as a sauna that has fan driven heaters (Saunacore) or a computer controlled heater like the Therasauna). For those that want the shortest session times I urge people to get a full spectrum sauna (like a Jacuzzi sauna or therasauna) that has it the entire time of all spectrums or a Saunacore that I go in on high heat to heat my core up and finish the session on the low setting. Since it has nearly 3 times the fluence of the next highest fluence sauna, it can give a quicker session time. Their models have up to 13 heaters. 
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