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Things to know before BUYING A HUUM HEATER:


I have been selling the box heaters for years and there has not been a problem. Now that the USA has approved the new SGS certification, heaters can now legally be turned up to 230 degrees, not 195 degrees which every heater maxes out at no matter what the brand. The HUUM heater is the first electric heater ever to be allowed in the USA that can go over 195 degrees.

WARNING: if you do get a HUUM heater and you even once try to experience it at its highest setting (230 degrees), it will burn out the lights you currently have unless you install fiber optic lights. Many people don’t know this and find out later they have to have another contractor install fiber optics. Regular lights will not work at these temperatures.  

Many people are reselling their old heaters once they hear about the HUUM. (For those that want fairly new heaters from box type sauna heater companies, we can sell them for nearly half off what people paid for them as we subsidize the price when they buy the HUUM from us.

At 230 degrees, it is a whole new level. Heat shock proteins, lipolysis, extreme cardiac drift, huge shocks to the body are created unlike the 195 degree ones. If doing it for therapy, the HUUM is most preferred but if using it for mainly relaxation then the box heaters are just fine.

Depending on how high your bench is, you want to know what the temperature will most likely be so you know how to plan your session. If you want to stay in for 20 minutes you need your bench height at a certain level to get the heat that cannot raise the ceiling thermocline. Also, if your sauna is a foot or two higher and if you have it set at 230 degrees it will feel just like a 195 degree sauna since high ceilings create a heat trap.

Fans: if getting a HUUM, I found that the best way to get whole body vasodilation is to use a dc marine grade fan (12 volts) that is water proof to blow the cooler floor air to the ceiling and mix it with the ceiling air. Make sure its waterproof. The Kona fan is my favorite. Having a fan is the biggest game changer in making the entire sauna nearly the same temperature from floor to ceiling. Just upper torso vasodilation is not the same as whole body vasodilation and heating the body up all over at the same temperature.

Note: having a fan creates a stronger heat co-efficient as long as it is not blowing on your. It distributes the latent heat from the heater in the air so it doesn’t just heat up the ceiling and walls and not the body.

Notice: if using the HUUM at 230 degrees, I ONLY recommend doing high intense sessions once a week or once every 10 days at the most if trying to get the most therapy out of it. I don’t want to become heat adaptive. Just like the first time you try to run up a hill you might get sore and out of breath. If you use the HUUM heater at 230 degrees every time the body can adapt and it will no longer become a stressor and build heat shock proteins and the benefits will decrease to almost nothing. If doing it every 10 days the body won’t get used to it. The best way to use it is to use it like a normal heater for 9 days and the 10th day do the intense therapy.

The HUUM has a 5 year warranty unlike the Chinese imports that typically have a 1 year warranty. The heating elements are high watt density and are not Chinese heating elements that most of them have. You don’t have to change the heating elements nearly as much as you do the cheap Chinese elements.

Note: for those doing cold plunges, this will give the most intense contrast experience. Just having it over 195 will be hotter than most people experience and will put the experience at a whole new level.

Note: The 10th day extreme sauna experience is so intense, you most likely will need several bottles of Boost oxygen on hand or what I do is I have an oxygen concentrator and fill up a 4 foot bag of oxygen and use that to do Ewot during my session. I do this when I get into cardiac drift and always do it on the 230 degree days.

If using the HUUM as a steam generator, I always set it at 230. The steam will be super heated as close as you can get to a sweat lodge. Of course nothing gets as hot as a wood fired sauna that the rocks can get even hotter. If you through water on the HUUM and you let cold air come into the sauna in the winter, the steam will turn into snow since there is no condensate in the steam, it turns to snow before the gas can turn to water. 

Note: for those considering using the HUUM as a steam generator, this makes steam with a 100% dryness fraction unlike steam generators that can get up to that but never reach 100%.

We do sell Harvia, Finlandia, Saunacore, Tylo and Scandia heaters for those that want the box type. I always use my HUUM to make steam as part of my sauna session. With so many rocks, I get about 5 times as much steam that lingers in the room. The steam cloud in any of the box type with less rocks makes steam but only so much until the rocks lose their heat from the water you keep putting on them.

If you want the HUUM, I am a stocking dealer and have them locally. Shipping is a fraction of the cost for each additional one if more than 1 are shipped at the same time.

Maintenance costs: I hope this doesn’t deter people but if using the HUUM sauna every day you will need to replace the rocks once a year. (I can ship a 2nd set of rocks for free if I sell the heater at the retail price. (I am not allowed to advertise discounts. I get around half off plus I can write off 40% as a tax write off so the rocks cost me a fraction of what they retail for.

Although the rocks cost more to replace unlike the box type that I have to replace maybe once every 3 years, the heating elements shouldn’t break down like the box types that usually have Chinese heating elements. 

If you already have a sauna heater and want to replace it, depending on the brand, you may be able to use your controller with the HUUM and it will be cheaper if you don’t need the controller and temperature controllers.

FOR THOSE THAT ARE PLANNING TO KEEP THEIR HUUM FOR 10 YEARS OR MORE - You will need to replace a heating element at least once most likely. I sell all parts at a subsidized cost. I also sell my rocks at a subsidized price. I urge people to buy everything at once so you don’t have to pay shipping each time you have to do maintenance.

Used and returns: We always have people that return them to get a smaller or larger size. People always size their Killowatt size incorrectly and they keep the rocks and ship us back the heater. I have tons of rocks in different cities where people store them for me. The reason a sauna heater costs 500 to 1000 dollars to ship is because of the rock weight. Having pallets of rocks shipped to a local location makes it more affordable to ship rocks than having just one sauna worth shipped at a time from the manufacturer.

Pricing: depending on how many of each model and KW size of that model I buy, I get better prices and on shipping. I stock the most popular sizes and models.

For those willing to do a video review I will give the contractor price on all HUUM sauna heaters.

I hope my review of the HUUM heater helped. 
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