Signs of Overdoing it:

Over-doing it. Keeping the temp between 110 to 120 is where most of the far infrared comes out. Most standard saunas in the gym average around 150 degrees to around 180. The difference between infrared sauna brands is that some work on its highest at 120 degrees and others at 110. It just depends on the feel you want when sweating. Many of the saunas give lower FIR unless they are turned on higher. Many of the lower fluence saunas have to be turned on higher while the saunas with high fluence can maintain a lower temperature, closer to 110 instead of 120.

Drinking Water in the sauna
Keep the Furnace:

Abusing the sauna is a common issue. The sauna can help people but also it can also make people worse if the right protocols and detox combinations aren't taken. Many people find it hard to breath in the sauna until they find out that they need to go longer and at a lower heat but drink hot tea to keep the core body temperature in range as breathing in warm air is not right for just them. They might be so full of congestion and mucus that they start dripping mucus everywhere. Heating it up gradually and longer session is what most health professionals have recommended but they can't really recommend that in their clinics for double sessions because its usually a business and they often have room just for one sauna in their clinic and have to keep the session shorter than what might be more helpful.
Some people that do not follow the right combinations might get shallow breath and breaking out and rashes from the sweat. Swelling can happen also. The first thing people will notice and this is probably the time to get out of there is when I start to itch like crazy like mosquitos are biting me all over. If you ever go in a sauna at the gym, I always see naked men start to itch. Like every 30 seconds they gotta scratch something. This is not the time for me to stay in. Blockages that haven't been broken in ages all the sudden the blood flow spreads and that tingly feeling usually happens. Again, this is the time to get the @%#& out of the sauna. YOu can feel the pulse of your body just by sitting. Your body is probably telling you to get out but most people don't listen. They get that high like the runner's high that runners get. Its like people try to see how long they can stay in the sauna thinking more is better. The less toxic people become, the itching usually goes away and people can also stay in longer and sweat sooner during the session.

Too hot VS Not hot enough:
If too hot it can overheat the body and drain energy reserves and depending on how hydrophilic someone is, it can leach out more minerals than wastes during the sweat process. (See Pig Sweat Page). If not hot enough the session might not be as therapeutic as someone might want and can often be a waste of time. Holding the right temperature in the sauna or having a a shorter session with higher heat or a longer session with lower heat. Depending on the person, getting it just right is what the person needs to know what to do and rarely do saunas come with personalized instructions, one of the reasons, I researched different sweating processes just as much as researching the different types of fluences each sauna gives and the ratios of the infrared spectrum. Some have more on the medium side and others more on the far infrared side. Many people have health opportunities that they need to get sufficient heat and enough fluence and pulling power of the infrared rays that it can be impossible to eliminate the toxins if the variables are wrong (timing of session depending on sauna temperature and fluence of heaters.

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Itchy Saunas - Know the top sauna styles. Higher heat but lower fluence saunas with lower Fir are the itchiest to me

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...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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