Infrared Sauna Temperatures
​This is mostly determined by the types of heaters and how much fluence they have. Some heaters need to get hotter to deliver the higher spectrums of far infrared and have more medium and near infrared which is a hotter range. The sauna temperature also determines the type of sweat, from water based sweat trying to cool the body down to the low temperature saunas, usually at 110 instead of 120 to 140 degrees. The lower temperature is known for giving the slow sweat, but often requires longer sessions. 

Some people want that type of heat that they would get in a Hot Yoga class. This gets the body core temperature higher much quicker and gives faster sessions. A 30 minute session in a high heat, high fluence sauna has the potential to make someone sweat like a pig and rid a lot of water. The higher end saunas that have this higher fluence if turned to lower temperatures might produce less of the far infrared as most of the older generation saunas had to be turned up to higher temperatures in order to get the far infrared that people seek.

The 3rd generation heaters that are back to back that produce the zero to low emf, have super high fluence and can be turned down to a lower temperature and get more Far infrared. Its like having 2 saunas in one because their are twice as many heaters. Every heater has another heater installed behind it so it cancels out the EMF waves. This is something new that came out in 2013 that now a lot of companies are doing now. Most people that call me on my site have to buy the tents as they can't afford a wooden sauna. That is why I now did my review on sauna tents that go from 250 to 400 bucks. I know the companies I talked to could sell them cheaper if they wanted to but they all seem to have a fear that someone is going to abuse their sauna during the warranty and they will have to replace the sauna with a new one or send expensive parts. These rarely break but people complain that the sauna wood makes a noise when they sit, the wood wasn't pretty, they didn't like the smell of the sauna. There are companies that let people return saunas and fix them and even do call tags if the sauna malfunctioned. This is why having the warranty makes the sauna so much more expensive.  I know companies that import super high quality saunas and only give a super limited warranty. If someone really wants a good sauna but doesn't want to pay extra for the included warranty, let me know on my sauna quiz page and I will try to find a sauna based on the answers you choose. Sorry to get off on a rant but this seems the only way people who can't afford a higher quality sauna can actually get one. When I ordered my sauna to compare them I told them if something ever breaks I will pay to have it fixed and said they don't even have to put in a warranty registration card in the box. It broke the tension and they let me have my way.

Too Long Sauna Sessions vs Raising Body Temperature TOO fast.
Many people rush the sessions and do ever tying they can to get their core temperature high as fast as they can and then want to get out in 20 minutes. The body has not had time to drain the lymphatic system wastes but the body is just trying to cool off in the sauna and less toxins are leached. HIgh fluence saunas are good but only if the right precautions are taken. The goal is to have the sweat as odorless and clear as possible. We did a video of a person in a high fluence sauna and someone in a sauna around 110 degrees. The amount of sweat we scraped off them and put in the clear mason jar was so much different than the sweat that was about double the sweat from the high heat infrared sauna. 

Note: one sauna that is at 115 degrees and another sauna at 115 degrees can have totally different feels. Each sauna can have different ratios of the far infrared spectrum depending on the heater. A dual back to back heater at 115 degrees since there are two of them I definitely feel the double fluence it gives. I understand that people can't try each and every sauna and have to go with their gut but I know the differences but its more of a feel that one person will like more than another. The feel that I get might not be what someone else likes. After coming in from the cold, I might want to turn up the heat and have a high fluence sauna on hand. Remember, you can always turn the heat down but having it available is nice to know.

Less heat can be better
See my page types of heat. A 15 min vs 30 minute sweat session. Know when to turn the heat up or when just to stay in longer.

Water Drinkage
I only drink up to 8 ounces of water in my session. I always drink about 8 ounces of water before the session but after the session, I drink as much as I want.

Note: for those using a sauna for detox only a few brands maintain the temperature under 120 degrees constantly throughout the entire session. The ones that do must have computer to monitor the temperature of each heater so it only puts out enough power so they don't get over 120 or they must have a cooling system. These are the saunas that have a double wall that are cooled by fans thoughout the session. I avoid saunas that cut on and off and are only on 50% of the time.

Knowing just the right temperature, too high or too low. Heating the body just 1 degree more than another sauna causes about 10 times the body heat production. See Fluence page.
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