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...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

Ask for Sharon

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Ask for Jake
Most people are just sitting in a sauna with heaters at their back and sides and on the front door which is too far to do lipolysis of the visceral fat, perineal, pelvic and peritoneal fat where most people hold their toxins. I like to actually absorb the rays, not just sit in a hot box where the heaters are designed to heat up an entire sauna, not directly the visceral organs. The low heat heaters with low wattage will either take many many heaters to heat up a room or they should be used the way they are designed very close to the body (never over 6 inches). Most saunas have 200 watt heaters and create mostly heat and very low far infrared isolate.

Most people are missing the visceral heater. People think they are detoxing when in actuality they are not.

Why I use an open air sauna instead of sitting in a closed infrared sauna:

First, I am trying to only absorb the direct far infrared rays from the heaters, not see how much I can sweat. Most of the visceral fat toxins are fat soluble, not water soluble. There are 3 types of open air heaters to choose from (ceramic heaters, quartz heaters, and tungsten element heaters). I only use the lowest wattage heaters. The German import heaters I use have the longest wavelength when using a low wattage heater. I do not like the 200 w heaters as it has less far infrared isolate but more heat to heat up the room. 
But, since I am not using it in a closed sauna I don't care about the heat created. When the heaters are so close to my body even this low wattage heater is super intense. (I do not like the quartz and tungsten type as they have shorter waves that don’t go as deep (1.5inches) in to the visceral fat and organs.

Note: the heat created in a closed sauna makes the body perspire and lose vital water weight and minerals through the skin. Many people might as well sit in their car and turn the heater up if they just want heat. That is what most people get on the cheap saunas that don’t do deep lipolysis of the fat and tissues. Any sauna heater over a certain wattage will get too hot and 80% of its far infrared long wave capability will not be emitted.

I urge anyone who wants to detox to borrow a sample heater (I can loan a single heater to anyone, its just about 15 pounds and cheap to ship). You can then feel what the German ceramic moon shaped heater with a reflector feels like giving infrared isolate. The reflector makes the heater about 3 times as intense. Having the surgical steel reflector is a game changer.

Above is the heater that I have found to give the most far infrared out of any heater I tested. 

About this heater
The rays heat up my core and makes no difference if the room temperature is hot. I only care about my organs and fat absorbing the rays.

These heaters are about 4 to 5 times the price of most ceramic heaters the same size. Most are a blend of different types of ceramic mixed with minerals like silica oxide. The black ceramic heaters are made of natural earth materials, not synthetic.

The wires change direction several times in the face of the heater to cancel out any EMF created for those concerned about emf smog. The cheaper heaters don't have this protection for emf. The heaters give 95% of the rays in the 8 to 12 micron range. The 200w is hotter but has more near and mid range shorter waves.

Note: I do not like ceramic heaters with thin ceramic or metal rods. These get way to hot and are only in the 2.5 to 6 micron range. These usually have high emf since they don’t cancel out the emf.

The heaters in an open area (not in a closed sauna) take longer to heat up my core but the ray exposure will eventually heat my core if there is enough heaters. It slowly heats my epidermal tissues and the way I feel after an open sauna session is an experience that I would never use a sauna again. I want to aborb the rays longer. I even use a fan to blow off heat coming off the heaters that increase the far infrared even more.
I urge everyone to get a loaner heater to experience.

Note: the purpose of sweating is to cool yourself off. I get the best detox when my body is not fighting to stay cool. I am only concerned about absorbing rays to raise my voltage and my heat shock proteins, not burn valuable energy to keep myself cool.

This is the 48 inch fence that I use when I put my rebounder in the middle with the heaters around me. It costs about 40 dollars. If not going for heat and intense sweating, I take off the mylar sheets and wool coverings. We used to use wool blankets in the sweat lodge. The heaters are about 3.5 inches wide and 18 inches tall. Also, the Mylar sheets are fire rated Class A and reflect about 97% of the radiant heat. Make sure the brand of mylar is a non toxic one that has no off gassing, the fiber free type.

As far as the heaters, I avoid all the infrared sauna companies that use heaters from China. Only the 100% synthetic free should have no heavy metals and do not off gas. Also synthetic ceramic heaters that have fillers and arsenic give way less far infrared isolate than the natural type.

Why I like an open air sauna with my rebounder:
First, if I have just the right amount of heaters (recommended 1 heater per 15 to 19 cubic feet), it will heat me up just fine. I always like extra heaters to give my body more joules of energy per minute than the standard since I don't always have time to be in my sauna for an hour. If I have a 4x4x4 sauna and use 4 heaters it will take me twice as long for my session instead of having 8 heaters. I have 12 heaters in my current set up and the time to get my therapy is 1/3 the time. Remember, with the surgical steel reflector, these heaters are already 3 times as intense as the average ceramic heater.

Note: I avoid heaters with glazes. These screw up the long far infrared rays. The glaze is used on heaters that are prone to oxidation and corrosion. Most yellow ceramic heaters have this glaze and the heaters turn color when heated up. The color changing glazes are used to let the user know if the heater is not working. I will not use glazes.

Overlapping of heaters
​With concave heaters since they concentrate nearly 95% of the longest FIR isolate wavelengths at the 2 inch length when a person is next to the heater, I like to overlap them for more intensity. Sitting too far away from the heater will just get the heat and near infrared absorption which is NOT what I am looking for when trying to detox. There is a grid called the Salmander emission grid. It shows how the intensity of the far infrared rays are weak in certain distances from the heater. I don't use the flat ceramic heaters even though it has more even heating, I am looking for concentrated heating since I distance the heaters so my body is almost exactly 2 inches away from the heaters during the overlapping.

​Also, I use fans to keep the heaters even cooler to keep the infrared wavelengths at its most therapeutic range. Those that have studied Planck's Law will understand why I use fans.  

Note: If using ten 150W heaters, it costs about 18 cents an hour to keep them running. I keep my heaters on about 8 hours a day which costs about $1.44 per day. Most people don't realize it costs only about 18 cents for a hour session.
I used to use the glazed yellow type heaters. I did not want to pay the price of the brand I use now since I thought at the time the yellow ones were the best since the yellow type are used in the older sauna that I used to go in every day for years. Once session with the surgical steel German heaters, I never went back to older ones.

The heaters I use don't have to be glazed since the are all natural and can be fully fired unlike the synthetic types that are porous that have to be glazed. The most expensive way to make a ceramic heater is dry pressing, which most don't do.
The problem I solved:
So many people only experience a sauna with the heaters on the side of them and behind their back but what about their vital organs. Those trying to detox after seeing what I do will should be a game changer, especially those who are in a heath crisis that are trying to detox their visceral fat and increase heat shock proteins. Also, those who are familiar with using a flannel cloth and castor oil to detox the liver will like this set up. One session with this set up you should be hooked and always want heaters giving far infrared isolate on your abdominal organs.
What is needed. One door to fit your height, 4 table stands that cost about 24 dollars each, 1 wool blanket to throw over the sides , 4 heaters. This is probably the best detox experience anyone can get. I only use 4 heaters since I am only concerned with my abdomen, not my head or my legs.
I put 4 heaters in parallel and my sauna session takes a fraction of the time to heat my core body temperature compared to sitting in a sauna. Plus, my organs are getting direct joules of energy instead of heaters behind my back only that absorbs the far infrared rays. 

Remember, even if the heaters are on the side, the rays don't bend and don't heat the organs head on. So many people are trying to detox but don't know how the rays interact with the fat soluble toxins in the visceral fat and organs.

With the visceral heater, I also do my castor/flannel therapy.
Each heater is rated for a 15 to 19 cubic foot space. If you get a door (see picture) that is 3.25 feet wide, 6 foot tall and you have it 2 feet high, that is 39 cubic feet for the set up. 39/2 is 2.05. So if choosing to do this therapy with 2 heaters above the abdomen, only 2 heaters are needed. This will heat up the entire 39 cubic foot set up and this is the most affordable setup possible for the type of therapy we do. I see no need to buy a big wooden sauna if you don't mind laying down on some towels. Remember, the far infrared rays are at their peak at the 2 inch distance. On the weekends my friends come over and I have 4 of these set up next to each other. We have a sleep over and we tell stories all night until we pass out.
For those with a lot of visceral and subcutaneous fat, a short 45 minute session in a sauna where it's not even 45 minutes since the first part of that session is warming the core up to 3 degrees. I never start counting how long my session is until my core is at 3 degrees. A 45 minute session for most people is really like 25 minutes. Below is what many people do who want to use a sauna for longer times but don't have the time. I do an 8 hour session during my sleep and wake up so refreshed. All my mitochondria is super charged and I feel I have so much energy since I produced the maximum ATP my body would allow.
Just to show how people should know that heaters along the back don't get the organs, I did an experiment of doing my entire session laying on my stomach in this video. See my video to the right when I finish my session laying on my back. Totally different experiences.
In this video I lay down on my back like I normally do. I can only stay in the sauna half as long as I can on my stomach since my organs in this session are getting super heated the one where I am on my stomach. This should convince people to get a sauna like this instead of just absorbing the far infrared in the back muscles.
I time the session to see how long I can lay on my stomach vs my back. How my body feels differently than laying on my back.
Notice: Only when the infrared heaters are cool enough to long rays to penetrate 1.5 inches and if the temperature is 100.5 degrees or higher in the subcutaneous fat it can break up the fat particles. If there is very little subcutaneous fat, then the fat should reach the visceral fat. FIR rays can't reach the visceral fat if there is too much subcutaneous fat. Remember, only if the core is heated up to 100.5 degrees it can break the fat up into particles to be eliminated.

Important: Sweating is not the bring the toxins out of the body that the fat is holding. It is the liver and kidneys that first the toxins must be pumped through the lymphatic system. This is why I use my rebounding sauna cage.
The heaters I use:
I have used many heaters. Most are cheap white ceramic powder pressed and then have a yellow glaze making them look pretty and non-porous. The German import heaters I use are nothing like any I have found. Most ceramic companies have heaters that turn on and off creating a duty cycle where the heater is off most of the time. I like to keep them on all the time. Having a fan to keep them cool or buying an MPS controller that does it for you will do the job. I prefer keeping the heaters hotter and using a fan as this gives the most far infrared. For those that do not want to make their own set up or are not on a strict budget, I discount the wooden saunas. I do not promote the Chinese import saunas that are heavily advertised. 
Why these heaters are so expensive:
First, they each come with a high limit switch. This extra add-on protects it so it doesn't get too hot or overheat. I can sleep knowing the heater are safe. Plus, each heater is CSA certified (Std. No. 164) and also conforms to UL.

Also each heater has a dual surgical steel casing (no polished aluminum) and the density of surgical steel. There is also a large space between the element and the back of the heater for less heat absorbed into the back. The back of the heater stays so cool I can pick up the heater when turned on.

The heater are not Chinese import heaters that do not get to the 9.8 micron level and put out mostly near and mid infrared.
JNH Sauna- Again, I see no heaters in the front for the visceral detox and subcutaneous abdominal fat.
Jacuzzi Sauna - again, no heaters within 2 inches of the abdomen. I see two heaters but no overlapping with closer heaters. Heaters are about 2 feet away. I strongly urge buying a single heater to go right over the subcutaneous fat over the abdomen if getting this one.
Therasauna. Hmm... no heaters in the front directly over the abdomen. Not even on the sides to get partial subcutaneous fat. Just the back. I don't see a need for calf heaters as my goal is to detoxify my organs and gain voltage to increase my atp production raising mitochondria voltage.
The materials used to make this sauna costs about 80 dollars. Any handman can do it in just a few hours. It is very affordable.
The seat can be moved anywhere in the sauna. The 2 front heaters have surgical steel grills in front that block the heat and make it easier to sit in front of the heater.
Also, the heaters we get from Germany are under 2mg of EMF which is the lowest of any heater. When we put the grill on it it brings it down to .03mg which won't even register on most Emf meters. Most ceramic saunas rely on high wattage low density heaters. These are the lowest wattage and highest watt density heater I have found but they are super expensive compared to the high emf ones. 
Tiny Sauna with No medical seat
Tiny Sauna with medical seat
Tiny Sauna with medical seat and 
Visceral Heater
Tiny Sauna with medical seat and 
Visceral Heater. Visceral heater can use 1 to 3 heaters.
Many people but 3 to 4 heaters and put under their table. Each heater handles up to 19 cubic feet. I leave my head out and have plenty of towels under me.
I put 2 heaters under the seat and use a 40 dollar cage. I put mylar foil around it and on top. This is super intense.
I rebound on my mini trampoline while soaking in far infrared rays at the same time. Game changing experience.
Closeup picture of medical seat. Having a visceral heater and a medical seat makes the biggest difference.
These are the most expensive heaters on the planet. They have the highest glass content and no synthetic coatings to keep them from cracking. Only 2 sauna companies use these German import heaters. The problem is most people can't afford their saunas. I urge people to let me ship you one of my loaner heaters. These are high watt density heaters and give off more far infrared than any heater I have tried.

Note: The surgical steel reflector is used so 95% of the rays are directed out towards the front of the heater and is even more intensified when the heater is concave (moon shape).
I only use surgical steel reflectors. Many companies use polished aluminum which is about 1/5 of the weight density of surgical steel and does not reflect the same way. It is cheap so many companies use it. Only a few companies make heaters of entirely surgical steel.
Sauna Biohacking Tips:
Those who need a detox sauna may never find it if buying a factory model from manufacturers.
​Due to liability insurance there aren't any companies as of now that will sell a visceral heater with their sauna (the armature that brings the heater where it can be placed 2 inches next to the visceral fat area (the fat around the organs... perennial fat, peritoneal fat, pelvic fat). So many people use saunas and those that understand that they need to actually absorb the rays directly on the fat will understand this. Those that sit in saunas with the heaters near the front door (way more than 7 inches which is out of the infrared zone that cannot possibly vibrate any of the waters of the cells nor do lipolysis of the fat and empty the waste to the lymph system to be pumped to the liver and mix with bile from the gall bladder to emulsify the waste from fat soluble to water soluble. 

Having the visceral heater 2 inches next to my body has been a game changer after nearly 20 years of using saunas on a daily basis. I have had almost every brand from Clearlight to Therasauna. I have also experimented with Vital Saunas and Healthmate and of course JNH which is on the top of almost everyones list that hasn't done their research.

I urge people to study and understand the Salamander Chart below

Even if you buy a sauna on Craigslist or a sauna that is not mean for detox, as long as one of the visceral heaters are nailed into the wall, that should do nearly all of the heavy lifting.

I urge everyone to investigate tiny saunas. There really is no need for a sauna to be more than 4 foot high if using it with all the heaters covering 360 degrees around the body or 4 heaters are used in a 4x4x4 size sauna (64 cubic feet). 4 heaters is enough. Many people use a triple visceral heater and have 1 heater behind them. Some people get a 59 dollar floor heater (Vornado makes a good one) and just buy 3 heaters. That is really all what most people need and just insulate the $39 sauna frame and hook on the heaters. It is so easy.

Also, if the heaters aren't close to the body I don't see any way the rays can stimulate enough heat shock proteins in the body. The ambient heat is not the same as rays hitting the body.

Also, after doing lipolysis of the fat cells, just going in and finishing a sauna session is not nearly enough for most people trying to detox. When I do a lipolysis saunas session with the visceral heater, after I get out of the sauna I do about 10 minutes of lymphatic exercise (rebounding, vibration plate) to pump the waste through the lymph system and empty it out.

Those who simply finish their sauna session and don't do anything to pump the waste out do not know how to use infrared saunas for detox. I have been doing this a long time and can help answer questions if you have any.

Each heater does up to 15 to 19 cubic feet depending on intensity. Having 4 heaters under my kitchen table with the German import heaters is about 3 times as intense as any dome sauna I have used. The surgical steel reflectors aim the far infrared so it reflects the heat from the back of the heater that normally is lost if not reflected.
I use an Attwood fan (actually 2 of them) on the sides of my body at all times when the heater is 2 inches next to my body. If the heat co-efficient and latent heat from the heater is not controlled I don't know anyone that can stand a chance with the heaters that close to their body but after my session I feel amazing and it gets better as more toxins are released from my midsection.

At 4 inches, there is still some benefit but no where near the sweet spot of 2 inches.
If making a Tiny Sauna for detox and lymphatic drainage it will not work if the heater wattage is too high. The high wattage heaters are designed to heat up the room and should never be placed next to the body. High wattage heaters cannot do lipolysis since they get too hot and produce mostly near infrared heat and very low fir heat isolate.