The Therasauna, Clear Light, and Vital sauna are the 3 full spectrum saunas I like the best. These have the highest far infrared isolate intensity at the LOWEST settings. The Vital sauna comes in third. The Clearlight has the most fluence of the full spectrum heat (see picture above, middle picture). The Vital sauna is about half the price as the Therasauna and Clearlight but it still does the job but just takes a little longer.

You can use the split setting or use a ceramic heater like with a Therasauna. The wood in the Therasauna is about 3 times the thickness (3/4 inch) than the other full spectrums so if its heated for about an hour it holds in the heat for about an hour when the heaters are cut off. So, when I get in a Therasauna, I set the temp at 105 and it stays hot the entire session. The heat goes down about 1 degree a minute. I turn it down after I heat my core till I start dripping sweat from my nose.

An infrared heater should not be used to keep the sauna hot while you are in there. It should only be used to heat the body core up till it reaches the core temperature you want. If someone just wants to sweat and burn calories, then I have no problem turning the heat up high the entire time. The full spectrum is good for people that still want a hot sauna the entire time but also want the far infrared isolate. The only way to get that is to preheat the sauna and then stay in while the heaters are on low. 

​When doing sessions with the red heating lamps it is super intense and takes time to work up to higher sessions. Many people have low cardio health and get winded quick. The high preheat/low heater setting is preferred by some while others just want to be in at 140 degrees the whole time. This is why 50% of the people like the Clearlight type and the other 50% llike the Therasauna type. With one type your lips might get dry, kinda like you had wind burn. The lights if too strong and too close can do this.

It takes people usually about a month to really decide if they like the heaters. Some people don't like them while others love them. Your body has to build tolerance and you have to tweak the heat from the red lamps to the time you want to spend during your session. With the Therasauna, with the heaters up high as you would in the Clearlight, I never hear people saying they love sitting in their sauna every night. It's kinda like, how many more minutes do I have to be in this freakin box. Putting on some music and aromatherapy helps. The Therasauna heaters are for the people wanting that deep sweating and being heated from the core. At the same temperature in a Clearlight or 

​at 9.4 microns you sweat the most at 120 degrees.. Once the thermostat reaches 120, this is when the ceramic heaters give the most 9.4 micron when the rays go the deepest in the body, about 1.5 to 2 inches in the body. At 105 degrees.. as long as you have an external heat source or you had it preheated,... If you don't sweat then having it at 105 doesn't matter. At 95 degrees you don't sweat, no body does. People sweat only after 98.5 degrees or whatever the persons normal temperature is. The closer you have the heaters set to 100 degrees the more of this 9.4 range. If someone has pain all over their body and they just wanna go in for pain benefit, they have no intension for pain. My dad goes in twice a day for his back problem and never used his Therasauna one time for sweating. The people not looking to detox go in the Therasauna and leave the door open and turn the heater to the lowest level. At 120 degrees you get enough heat to sweat and still get a high concentration of 9.4 microns. At 100 to 105 degree setting, you get so much 9.4 micron range that is so intense. But if I'm not sweating and getting this intense isolate Far Infrared, its really wasting my time if not sweating. 

These are fat soluble toxins, not water soluble. There needs to be enough joules of energy to get the body to sweat. This sweat is not from the fat. The bile mixes in the liver to turn the fat soluble toxins into water soluble. Then it is sweated out. If not doing lymphatic exercise, and if someone is using the sauna for detox, it also can be a total waste of time.

The goal is to raise the body core temperature long enough to stimulate this liver metabolism. If the toxins get released but not pumped out this ti won't work. If they the toxins DON'T get removed, then its also bad.

RELEASE. REMOVE. RELASE. REMOVE. REMEMBER THIS. WHO CARES IF THE SAUNA IS JUST RELEASING TOXINS. Most people are so toxic and their lymphatic system is so bunk they can't even process the waste released in from the sauna. Most saunas have such low far infrared percentages allt his really doesn't matter but if using a Clearlight or Therasauna full spectrum like I mentioned, it can just be too pulling for many people, most actually.

I urge people to experience 9.4 microns on a low level before considering a sauna. I have demo heaters that I can send people to use for a week to try. You can set the heat under 105 degrees where you don't sweat but you can experience what this 9.4 micron range feels like. Also, the higher the temperature is, the more someone will usually sweat but the shorter they will want to be in the sauna.

If you put these 3 full spectrum saunas at 140 degrees, in each one you can sweat differently. In a Therasauna the DPM is almost twice that of the other two. Some people will want to raise their core 2 degrees in 30 minutes and others an hour. The amount of sweat and the type of sweat differs depending on this. For those in poor physical condition, they may want to stay in longer and sweat slower than going in 15 minutes on a higher setting. It takes about 1 to 2 months to build up tolerance especially if staying in a hot 120 to 140 degree sauna or staying in till the core is raised and then turning the heaters on low to get a high isolate. Detoxing is done the worst at the high temperatures. Most people an't handle the low intense isolate infrared. It is after the session, not during the session where it is difficult.

​Note: there are little to no benefits of going in at 105 degrees unless the core temperature is raised first and the body burns at enough calories to sweat and start the metabolic process.

I urge people to checktheir temperature before they go in and monitor how long it takes with an actual thermometer you put in your mouth (not the laser thermometers on your skin)

 By learning how to control the rate your sweat evaporates you can also speed up or shorten your session. Most people starting out especially with a full spectrum sauna can't handle it too long and they sweat a lot but just for not as long. When I use my full spectrum sauna I stay in at 140 as long as I can and then immediately turn it to 105 or sometimes 120 if I am doing a deeper cleanse. Many people also put a a balm with beeswax on their skin to help so sweat won't evaporate so quick. This really helps increase the core temperature much faster if someone is short on time and want to spend longer on the low isolate level.

Warning: if someone is going to be spending lots of time at the low level like this (100 to 105 degrees) I always do some time of lymphatic exercise for at least 10 minutes to prep myself for detox. I pump the waste and clear my lymph so the waste from my fat stores actually ahve a place to go. I also drink a low sugared green drink. I also, usually on Sundays I do a 4 to 6 hour session where every hour I drink juice, do an enema, rebound, and finish off on my Biomat for another 8 hours if I do this in the evening. If you call me and I am really hyper and energized monday morning, this is why.

Note: I recommend for some people to rebound before and some after the session. Most people will tell you to do it before but that is because they know you are going to be too tired to rebound after your sauna session. I always do it afterward. Relase then remove... not Remove then release.
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The latest trend is to heat the sauna to 140 to 150 degrees, go in and raise the core body temperature to 3 degrees above normal body temperature. Then set the temperature to 100 to 105. This is the way to do it in a non full spectrum sauna. With the new full spectrums, they have a red heat lamp to keep the heat high while the other heaters are turned down low to give the far infrared isolate.

The best saunas give out the most far infrared (FIR) at the low temperatures. HIgh wattage and high amperage heaters are great for heating it up quick and adding lots of fluence from each heater but for those looking to detox, the other way is mainly for losing weight. You don't get a good sweat when the heaters are turned to 105 unless the sauna was preheated for an hour first or you have the red heaters to keep the sauna hot.
This is the Clearlight Sanctuary 2 Full Spectrum sauna. Many people are buying their CE-2 sauna with the nordic spruce wood and just buying the full spectrum lamps on the side. The Clearlight does have a the highest powered full spectrum heater I have felt though.

The Therasauna has the most intense full spectrum and you don't need the red lamps in the Therasauna.
The Therasauna is the most intense full spectrum sauna but is not for everyone. Don't be fooled by the little heaters. They are concave so it puts out far infrared in a 180 degree direction. With the Therasauna, it "cooks" you from the inside instead of just heating your skin. If someone is not doing lymphatic exercise I do NOT recommend this sauna. This is very pulling.

This is the more intense full spectrum sauna and the Clearlight, with its 500 watt heaters, is also super intense but feels different. As long as you don't mind moving around for about 20 minutes like a rotisserie chicken. After that you can turn the heat down and experience the most intense far infrared. If you don't wanna do that, the Clearlight might be better for you or the Vital sauna if you want a sauna with less wattage and intensity.

Remember: The high power of these saunas and higher amperage is only important at the higher settings. When looking for far infrared isolate, the lowest temperatures is what to look at. 
For those trying to stay in longer who can't stay in long enough to raise their core 2 degrees and feel they need to get out sooner, I strongly recommend getting on of these sauna hats. They help so you don't get dehydrated and overheat you head. You can stay in way longer with these. These aren't like a normal hat. You can get them around 20 bucks but its a game changer if you plan on staying in a sauna longer than you normally can.
...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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...because I was never told the correct way to sweat

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